✅ [Android/iOS] Scheduled pot withdrawals occur *after* scheduled payments, causing scheduled payments to fail

I’m looking forward to that being Question 12 on HQ Trivia one day!

If you don’t play HQ Trivia… You should!

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I thought that would be the mechanism, heh. I see a large DAG diagram in your near future :grin:. That daylight savings time thing sounds… scary. GLWT.

Well it’s a good job there’s been an announcement to abolish daylight savings time changes hahaha! It was funny how I’d get a message from all legacy banks saying that I couldn’t use cash machines overnight when the clocks change. I can only assume that they’re remote desktoping into each cash machine and changing the time on them :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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On the plus side it means you currently have til 1am to add money to avoid overdraft charges. By that time other banks have processed credits so you can transfer it over in time

Hey, thanks for sharing in such detail! It is on my team’s ToDo list currently to improve the ordering here.

More news soon!


Should we expect it to be fixed before the beginning of next month? I’d like to know whether I need to tweak my setup.

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Just to point out that I am neither an engineer or “some schmo” :+1:


Point taken.

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Well, early this morning my rent and Limitless payments went out. I got a notification while I was sleeping saying I’m now overdrawn (but by the time I woke up I wasn’t because my pot withdrawals happened as well). I would appreciate a re-timing of these things if only to not have notifications saying I’m overdrawn when the server already knows I’m going to pay for it an hour or so later.


I suspect that there must not be many people using this feature, because otherwise Monzo would be all over it with a fix, like, yesterday. I mean, potential for large important payments to fail…

I’m using this feature but I wasn’t aware of this issue because I always have enough funds.

We’ve been planning how to fix this problem this week in my team. There’s a longer-term proper fix that will improve the ordering of most scheduled payments, and a shorter-term ‘will make pot withdrawals work better’ fix. We are planning to start working on the latter on Monday, so this should be resolved by next billing cycle.


Does this mean that BACS things happen an hour earlier when we’re not in British summer time? I.E midnight, rather than 1AM for BACS credits?


Bacs credits are always 1am BST (i.e. UK time), and Direct Debits are always 2am BST.

Scheduled payments are in UTC, so they will change when daylight savings time changes. But I imagine we’ll do something about this (even if it’s just manually shifting the config an hour forward when daylight savings starts…)


I can see where the confusion is coming from. “BST” and “UK time” mean different things.

GMT is UTC+0
BST is UTC+1

“UK time” is BST during the summer and GMT during the winter.

So the question is, do bacs credits happen at 1am UTC+0 during the winter, or 1am UTC+1 all year around?


We deployed a fix for this yesterday, and today’s scheduled payments will have processed scheduled pot withdrawals before standing orders and Direct Debits. Let us know if you still run into issues.


I scheduled payments the day before my direct debits were due to go out. So now can I schedule them on the day and it will definitely move over before the direct debit without any issues?

Thanks very much, I am sure that will help a lot of people. I’m going to do a check tonight for my own amusement, but I have faith that it’s fixed :grinning:. Quite glad not to have to resurrect my IFTTT setup before the beginning of next month, lol!

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Got 7 days before my next pot withdrawal + direct debit combo, so we’ll see if all’s well. Thanks @Jami

(emphasis mine)

Whatever fix was implemented doesn’t work. All of my Direct Debits failed this morning. While the scheduled pot withdrawals have been moved to occur before the scheduled transfers, neither has been moved to occur before the Bacs Direct Debits. We need, as per the original post:

Not sure what has happened, because your reply seems to indicate that you intended for them to occur before the Direct Debits. Did the implementing developer understand that to be just “move scheduled pot transfers before scheduled transfers”, perhaps?

Either way, it still needs fixed.