[Android/iOS] Edge of "X days to go" on summary cut off


Android 8.0
App 2.31.1


This is a common problem. The way I sorted it was to slightly reduce the text size on my phone.

Reducing the text size does work but sometimes causes me problems with reading text by artificial light. Would it not be possible to reduce the size of the circle slightly?


How many days to go?

(first one to work it out based on the date shown smells of rotten tomatoes)

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12-Feb, so 7 days to go? :poop::tomato: for me?

Now the days to go marker is nearly in the 9 o’clock position the actual number of days are not displayed, they seemed to have dropped off the left hand side of the screen (Samsung S9).

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From what I’ve seen, this is becoming a common issue. Mine is the same currently.

Might be a device specific thing. It looks fine for me on iOS on an iPhone X. The 9 days to go message is now on 2 lines.

I have the same problem on an honor 9. I cant see the number of days displayed in the position 9 o’clock.

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It’s an Android issue.

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Originally it was an issue for Android and iOS:

Although @Anarchist’s post suggests that the issue might be fixed for iOS:



Is there a fix in the pipeline for this on Android ?

I’d guess that’s very likely

I too am having this issue on an android Huawei.

Really frustrating bug that cheapens an otherwise solid app.

Also having this problem.

I am also experiencing this problem on a Moto G5

Can’t say I use summary page much but it bugs me that when we get round to about 7 ot 8 o’clock on the donut the number of the amount of days to go disappears off the side of the screen.

I cant believe it’s just me and that it’s not been fixed yet.
Latest Android release.

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I noticed it too but it was my first time last month do thought it might just be me as I hadn’t set it up correctly and wasn’t using it fully. I was going to wait till the end of the month and see if it did it again, but it obviously will.

Very annoying and just something else that needs a little fix

I think they’re working on a complete overhaul of the Summary feature and so probably see little point in fixing a tiny bug when the overhaul may well prevent it being an issue at all.

Pretty annoying though.