[Android] "Did you know..." box won't go

This damn box won’t go. I have an overdraft with Monzo and even if I didn’t I would’ve got the point by now

I swipe it away and it comes back every… single… time

Please, please, please let me just dismiss it forever

Details to reproduce: Open summary box and try to swipe the box away. I dare you. It’ll come back every time like Chucky from Child’s Play

OS: Android 9 pie
Device: Pixel 2XL
App Version: 2.23.0



It really pissed me off to, I had to go on chat to get it removed a few months ago, they have to toggle it off in your account. It went the next day after they tweaked it. Looks like they still haven’t fixed it so its stays perm dismissed. It should really have a X or on the Find out More screen a ‘understood/acknowledge but I don’t want one’ button.

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I think I saw you mention it so opened a chat about it myself. I spoke with someone (chat history now deleted) who agreed how annoying it was but it’s still there, haunting me everytime I look at Monzo’s most useful page.

I’ve got the overdraft already - that’s the most annoying thing!

It’s still here. I’m still swiping away every time!

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