[Android] Delay in app updating after adding/withdrawing from pot

Hi. is anyone else having problems with the app not updating itself when you add/withdraw money from pots? I am finding I have to quit the app and re-open for changes to become apparent?

This is on the new navigation.

Android v.9

im having the same problem, just holding out as it is probably a bug

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Ah ok…I’m not alone then. Have to admit I have gone back to the old navigation as I didn’t really like the new one as much…seemed very fiddly in comparison…however that could just be me getting used to it :slight_smile:

The new nav is different (I like it after using it for a little while now - since they started the testing of the new interface) But keep in mind that it is still in beta, so things aren’t perfect yet

You shouldn’t need to quit and restart. Just go to Payments, then back to Home, and it should update itself.


Yep I’ve tested this and having the problem with 2.57 on iOS :apple:
I’m on the new nav, and have mentioned it in that thread.

I know it should :wink:

I would be far better if it did it without having to click about…just like it does on the ‘old’ navigation.

That’s the fun of having a beta version of something! I’m sure it’ll be fixed in the next (or the next next) version.

I guess…I have reverted to the ‘old’ navigation for now…like I said before I am really not a fan of the new navigation system at all :frowning:

Same issue here on 2.57.0 using OnePlus 6 running Android 9

I’m on the OnePlus 6 too…

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