[Android] Deep linking for transaction notifications in Android app

Hi all

Interested in seeing whether others have the same behaviour as me for deep linking for Android notifications

Did try a search for a topic on this, but did not see one - apologies if this is a repeat

I have a Moto G6 Plus running Android 8.0.0

What I see is that I legitimately have multiple transactions in my notifications

I click one of them and the deep linking takes me to the page for that transaction - this is very good

I click on another of the transactions and the deep linking does not take me anywhere and I am still at the first transaction - this is less good

Is this known? Can it and is it being addressed?


I noticed again today that clicking a notification while I had the app open at the transactions list did not take me to the specific transaction

So seems, for my phone and OS version at least, that the deep linking only works when the app is closed and not at a transaction

Can anyone replicate?

Will try when I next get some transactions

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From today’s round up email from Starling:

A direct route. Now when you get a notification on your phone, you’ll be redirected to the screen for that specific payment instead of the Pulse.

Maybe they have finally sorted this themselves. Crikey!

I still get the issue with deep linking over here on Monzo that I described above

Any progress looking into it I wonder

This seems sorted now in the Android app

Might have been for a while, but only just given it a whirl with a stack of notifications