[Android] Can't open app since update - Android 8 29/4/19

Anyone else have this issue? Android 8. Updated Monzo app today. Cannot open.

You tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

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I assume it dies immediately after it opens?

Here’s a tip for future bug reports:

  • QA isn’t your job, but your reports are a lot more difficult to diagnose without any log information/a stack trace
  • If you use Android, one way you can get useful information to include in your reports is to collect a logcat. Turn on USB debugging, plug in your phone and reproduce the problem. Copy the relevant parts of the log, which will usually include a stack trace, and provide it in your bug report.
  • Alternatively, if you receive a “{app} keeps stopping” message, you can view the stack-trace information directly on your device:


Tap the “account and system info” link:

You can see what caused the crash, as well as access a stack trace:

Provided your bug report gets to someone technical, the stacktrace will make it much easier to identify the cause of any bug and ultimately resolve it.

I’m having the same issue. The application notifications work, but the application crashes immediately after login. (touch in my case)

I’ve tried updating to Monzo Beta by joining the beta program, but that upgraded hasn’t helped either.

Pixel XL on latest Android Q beta

Joing the beta program and doing a full uninstall reinstall fixed this for me.

You need to uninstall app date on your android 8 Oreo using below given settings.

Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Select app from list > Three vertical dots (More) at upper right corner > Uninstall update

Now restart your android device and update again. It will work for you.

I have installed app several times, and it still doesn’t work on android phone. No emails returned not even in spam box ? Considering Monzo is the in Bank they make it extremely difficult for new customers to join, especially for android users.

What version of Android (Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Q-beta) are you using?
What phone is it?

My phone is a Samsung s6 as for version 7 i think?

Do you have any software updates that need installing? You may need to manually check if you’ve not got auto-updates enabled.

I’d bring your phone up the latest standard first, then re-install the Monzo app.

I’m assuming that you haven’t yet signed up for Monzo because the app won’t work (and you state ‘new customers’) but please let me know if that assumption is wrong and you’re an existing user.

Software is up to date and also I was only able join on my wife’s ipad. But for some reason the app keeps saying wait for email/ try again in 10mins

Are you opening the email using the link? Try going directly to your inbox instead of using the link and maybe using the email webpage instead of app

Best to stick to one device to sign-up/gain access.

Ignore your Samsung for now and keep with the iPad until Monzo works on the iPad. Just clarifying; your wife doesn’t have a Monzo account and doesn’t use the iPad to access said account?

Do you have continuous access to the internet?
Are you using a consistent email address to attempt to sign up?
Do you have access to that email account?
Have you checked the Spam folder in your email?