[Android] Can't get out of budgets on the new app after accessing through "Making the most of Monzo"

When you access budgets through “Making the most of Monzo” you can’t get out without exiting the app.

To Reproduce:
Head into your account using the top right button. Click on “Making the most of Monzo” and then click on “Set a spending Budget”. You can then not get out of that area without leaving the app completely.
OnePlus 5
App Version:


I can access budgets via summary on the new iOS design.
Budgets are here to stay but maybe with a different look. That’s the impression I got anyway, it’s such a big part of why people use monzo.

Maybe try reinstalling the app?

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Yep you’re absolutely right they are still there, I’m being stupid! I’ll update this ticket anyway because the problem still happens when you go in that way!

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