[Android] Can't edit shared tabs

**Issue: **
After creating a shared tab people can’t be added/removed to/from it.

Details to reproduce:

  • Create a shared tab with some contacts.
  • click edit (no payments added yet)


  • ability to add/remove contacts to/from the tab.


  • You can only exit the edit mode

OS: Android and maybe IOS too
Device: Mobile
App Version: 2.45.0

Are you able to add/remove contacts to/from a Shared Tab after adding a payment to the Shared Tab?

I can only remove the payment.

I did find out that I can add people by pressing the

I don’t think you can remove people from an existing Shared Tab - they have to leave the Shared Tab themselves.

You should be able to add people to an existing Shared Tab by clicking the “Edit” button in the top right when you’re inside the Shared Tab.

Why so?

If I’m administrating the tab for the house I need to remove people that leave the house as well as adding them.

Probably to prevent people from removing other people from a tab before they want to be removed.

You could ask people leaving the house to leave the Shared Tab.

Mmm… I don’t understand the idea behind it then.
What happens if you want everyone in the house to be in the tab without them leaving it just because they don’t want to pay, how do you that?

Surely if someone creates a tab is because it expects everyone to be payed back, without the ability to leave the tab until they’ve done so (at least).