[Android] "Add to gPay" button on account screen

Is really annoying. I already have my card in gPay and there is no way to dismiss the button (I have tried to add card again, but the button is still there…)


Hmm! Odd :stuck_out_tongue: Mine disappeared when I added my card to GPay :slight_smile:

Which version of the app are you on? I’d guess 2.22.0 or 2.23.0?

I’d force close the app & clear the cache (long press the app in your launcher and hit “app info” at the top, then go into storage & clear cache :slight_smile:)

If that doesn’t work then you may have found a proper bug :eyes:

Is your card frozen often? There was a post about an issue with it still showing if your card is frozen. Sure I read it’s fixed in next release

May be wrong!

I just tested this, so if I freeze my card and then unfreeze it All to Gpay appears and won’t go away even after clicking it.

The only way it seems to work is if I delete my card from Google Pay and add it again via Monzo app.

I have never frozen my card.

I can’t add it to Google pay as it is already added, and to remove it from gPay would be a whole world of pain as it is linked to subscriptions etc.

I have force closed the app and cleared the cache, and it is still there mocking me…


Mine is still stuck there despite being added to my Google pay account. I’ve never frozen my card either :frowning:

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I just deleted my card from my Google account and added it to Gpay through the app because it’s showing both cards in the Gpay app

Any update on this? I still have a massive “add to Google pay” button that I can’t remove…

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