And we're back! 🎉

Great it’s back.
I don’t spend a lot of time posting but others post can be - helpful, insightful and of course others…

Well you can’t have good discussion when some want to derail it.

Well that was an interesting 9 days…

Wow I’m in yet another minority :sweat_smile: oh well I’ll rock that one an all


Still 14 hours left yet! The tide could still turn!

I had a suspicion latest was more popular but wasn’t expecting it to be that much more popular!

The results thus far indicate it may actually better to have the default view as latest, and for those who prefer categories can change it in settings.

Annoyingly for me, my preference varies by device. On a bigger screen I prefer the categories view because the latest is show on the right side too. Is it possible to toggle the default relative to screen size I wonder?


Have you considered maybe making more trusted community members part of the Coral Crew? it seems the existing staff may have a lot of extra work validating the new threads and new accounts.

7 posts were merged into an existing topic: Removed Posts - March

Looks like the CC have lost a member - now 9 people are listed (was 10?)

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Yep, there were 10 last week :eyes:

Sad to see @Jackcrwhitney drop his CC role! All the best for whatever you’re off to do now! :pray:t2:

I’m also surprised and disappointed to see that the coral crew code of conduct has been deleted. Surely this a key piece of the community to help everyone understand the remit/boundaries of the coral crew and ensure they are appropriately protected and supported


Yep, I decided to use the opportunity of the forum being closed to drop out of the CC.

I’ve not been very active here over the last few months mostly because I don’t have the time.

The forum has been rocky lately and so I hope that the last few days is a true reset and can bring some life/spark back with less trolling and confrontation :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’ll still be around just as a regular member from time to time.


Thanks for everything Jack - I remember in particular you being so welcoming when I started. And thank you for the advice and support!

This makes me very happy. :smiley:


I haven’t logged in for a couple of weeks (or at least didn’t notice it was in read-only). What actually happened to result in the forum being closed? Can anyone give a synopsis?

It’s written in the very post you’ve commented on :sweat_smile:


Sure, it just sounded a little sanitised / vague

That’s it in a nutshell

Fair enough

A lot of trolling also took place in the aftermath of the aforementioned thread being locked. It was quite bad trolling too. I’m surprised it was glossed over in the primary post of this thread, given that it was the trolling that seemed to prompt the shut down, and was blamed for it in the post announcing read-only mode.

I was active on here for all of it, and saw virtually everything that was happening in the public discussions. The issues highlighted in this thread must have been happening behind the scenes. Some users that had signed up to seek help were being harassed by the trolls though.

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To be fair I think it depends on what people consider “bad trolling”. Like you, I was on throughout watching it all unfold and I can’t honestly say I saw anything that I would consider bad trolling at all, but then maybe I just have a thicker skin and decades hanging around some dark corners of Internet forums.

Personally I’m more inclined to agree with the OP that it was more a case of ‘it’s the weekend, we can’t be bothered to sort this out’ than some earth shattering, traumatising, deeply scarring level of bad trolling requiring dramatic action. More than anything it seemed to be the combination of the horrendous, tone deaf, control freakish response to a mildly critical blog post being posted which seemed to upset some forum regulars, and a separate amount of bog standard trolling, which when combined felt like something more dramatic was happening than really was. But that’s just my take obviously, I appreciate some may see it differently.


A fair take on things I think.

I’m defining bad in a few ways:

  • compared to previous trolling sessions
  • the consistency and speed of it
  • the mild doxxing of a user who accidentally shared their private details

Granted, I’ve not been involved in too many communities. I mostly just lurk without ever signing up or engaging. But in the few where I have taken part in. trolling to the extent at which I saw on here last weekend is not something I’ve personally witnessed before. And I’m someone who has served in community management roles in my past, so I have dealt with trolls and spammers before, just not to the extent I saw on here.

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I’ve went ahead and taken a few posts out of the Topic tonight. Not trying to sanitise the discussion just wanting to keep things on topic.

I’ll be swinging into make sure all the points raised since the Topic got launched get answered to the best of our ability.

As always, my DMs remain open for further chat.