And we're back! 🎉

I can flag :eyes:


I’m level 2 again, was I 3 before? :man_shrugging:t3:

Maybe lowly people can’t flag anymore.

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Perhaps related to this from this morning…

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I too can flag. Maybe they are limiting the number of times you can flag or something. I have only flagged one post in the last two weeks or so I think - maybe you are flagging more?

You’re level 3

I’m guessing trust level

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I’m level 3 and can flag too. I also rarely flag. So I add weight to both correlative theories thus far. Type faster @alan!



Background work taking place on the flagging process. No permanent changes just taking advantage of a few options that the forum provider gives.


Oh am I? How did that happen and who got that so wrong? :sweat_smile:


You’ve just posted and read enough :grin:

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Ah yes. Volume = trust. Definitely.


Don’t forget hearts too. You’ve cemented your trust level now with that last comment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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No it’s still there, sorry I flagged you to test it 🤦😅

Edit, I’ve I’d have scrolled down a bit I’d of seen the answers, can’t undo a flag I don’t think :eyes:

5 months… wow :open_mouth:

I just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying the community since it has returned. Whatever happened in those internal discussions and the changes made behind the scenes appear to have worked.

I personally think there has been a noticeable difference and conversations in topics are flowing really well. Thank you for all of your hard work and especially with organising the AMAs - they’ve been brilliant :slight_smile:


Holy thread revival etc.

Can this be looked at and maybe a better solution created with a plugin that might already exist?

As things have to be approved now, instead of “Yup, that doesn’t contain a willy” and tick approve, can it be “Hi, this topic seems to have been covered 300 times already. Have a look here”

Approving the thread for the user to just be redirected to an existing thread just seems silly. So many of the new threads are repetition.

When someone is waiting for their thread to be approved, could they be sent to a list of curated/FAQ?

The list from @davidwalton about how to get into your account, the thread from @BritishLibrary about how to calculate when you’ll be paid.

All in the last month and all easily solved by a FAQ/redirecting.


Totally get what you mean. I will just point out that I haven’t always found the search function particularly brilliant unless you use the exact wording though.

I mean let’s take “account closed” - a ton of results that don’t relate to Monzo closing your account and those that do tend to be locked quickly and tbh if someone is going to come search they will want to post something so will create a new thread regardless.

It’s a product of forums, repeat posts, and it’s usually an annoyance to moderators more than anything. Can’t say it’s ever quite bothered me too much :relaxed:


Search aside it’s a valid point though and it will help people get the answer they need quicker.

Currently the process is.

  1. Create a topic asking why your account is closed
  2. Wait, wait, wait, wait for it to be approved
  3. It’s approved by a moderator
  4. Some of us comment to explain, the usual debate happens and the OP ultimately wants to hear from someone at Monzo
  5. Wait, wait, wait, wait some more
  6. A moderator comes, posts a templated comment about speaking in app and locks the topic.

This isn’t a good first experience. It could be made far more efficient and done and dusted at step 3.

A simple PM (or even approve the topic and then reply immediately after) to explain why we can’t help with account closures or there’s a really good blog post on IBANs or a dedicated topic full of all the information they could possibly need and more when using Monzo in a specific country would cut out so much time and effort for the OP and all of us - plus they’ll get the answer they need much sooner.

The only person that needs knowledge of search then is the moderator. Which if they’re anything like me, know exactly where all these blogs and topics live.


Not a bad shout to be fair.

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I do agree with you about the search and if it’s not the most obvious top answer, people won’t bother. That’s if they even search at all. So many times you get “I’ve searched for this” and they clearly haven’t :smiley:

But topics about account closes, Flex or whatever, things that are mentioned hundreds of times, it’s tough to find the exact thread. But the location ones have no excuse!

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I like this idea.

I’ve tried searching community a few times and I get the most random results (on the front of it), I’m sure there’s some logic :eyes:

Thanks for the feedback here on the new users journey here and how it’s impacting the current discussions on-going.

I’ll take a look at current plugins and the sign up process so we can get things a little tidier for everyone :thinking: