Anchor links do not work if you open in new window in 64-bit Chrome

Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit).

On Help page on main Monzo page, article about limits. If you open url to limits ( in new tab, it doesn’t correctly scroll to #charges anchor. I had to scroll through all T&C to reach limits. :grin:
Works fine if you stay in same tab.

It’s probably affecting more urls with anchors, but that’s only one I could find so far.

Oo, thanks for flagging Marta! Will have a look at it :+1:

There shouldn’t be a trailing slash at the end of that URL
This works


@thomaswelton O, you are right. I thought I tried that, but didn’t work. I probably mistyped anchor name in my attempt. Good one! :smiley: