An Update on the Monzo API

(Stephen Spencer) #21

I could shout “ALEXA, ASK MONZO WHAT MY BALANCE IS” through your letterbox and find out whether it’s worthwhile to rob you?

But yeah 2FA at request time is pointless, because you’ve made me pick up my phone so I may as well use the Monzo app.

(Stephen Spencer) #22

…unless when they implement user recognition (i.e. who’s voice is this in the household), that is “good enough” to be used as a half-baked 1.1FA

(this has rapidly gone offtopic, sorry)

(Gareth) #23

Not even just a PIN?
Another scare story: August’s Door lock

(Mark Embling) #24

What was the link for that? It’s missing in your post…

(Gareth) #25

How odd, link won’t work without http/s

(Mark Embling) #26


And woah…! I see what you mean. :open_mouth:


what does this mean for the current auth flows? will they stop being supported? i’m having issues implementing one of the flows and the best i got from monzo so far was “the answer may be that you’ll have to wait.”

i have to say that this doesn’t look good…

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #28

And order an Uber to make good your escape.

(Kian Mayne) #29

This really is quite disappointing. The idea that Monzo has thought of itself as an API first bank is laughable when the API has been locked down for as long as I’ve had an account.

Hopefully with current accounts done, Monzo can catch up and open up 3rd party API access

(Kian Mayne) #30

I believe there’s already provisions for individuals in the open banking stuff (see the open banking website). I am registered as an individual developer but I haven’t had a chance to properly read about what is required.

(Frank) #31

This post is about the Monzo API going outwards which is great.

But I think Monzo are in a fantastic position to build in aggregation using other companies APIs.

Funnily what makes me open the Monzo app so much is accessing the community. While in I passively check my account info.

Imagine being able to also passively check my other banks accounts? Also I don’t think it is too far fetched for Monzo to build notifications on top of other accounts (Monzo pushing to notify you your HSBC account has gone overdrawn).

I think this is such an exciting proposition it would be worth spinning up a dedicated scrum team to get ahead of the competition.