An update on getting interest paid on savings

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Ready to go full monzo now and have a decent wad of savings I’d like to put in. Hoping for interest on savings soon!

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@tobyadams See what you think of

I’ve put my excess in there and I’ve got the roundups going in too.


Spending priorities vary wildly from country to country, so looking at clothing only is going to give you a warped view.
Daily take home after tax and non-discretionary spending is a better comparator.
Hard to find that data though.
Average income in eg Edinburgh, Sheffield, etc. is very comfortable on such measures


This looks like a good idea as it appears the interest option in Monzo has gone stagnant - I will have a good look at the money box setup - cheers for sharing


An interview with the CEO published a couple of days ago indicates the plan is to launch interest-bearing savings accounts this month

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I’d recommend Chip over Moneybox. I had both from the start. The fees for moneybox are quite silly, especially within the first couple of years. Chip is about to launch ChipX too with higher interest rates and investments products.

If you do try Chip, use code 3IQJOM - we’ll both get an additional 1% interest.

Chip Integration - Automated Micro Savings
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I’ve been using Moneybox for over a year and use it to invest in the Vanguard Lifestrategy 100 fund with my round ups - really enjoyed using the App so far :+1:

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Any updated on this?

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I’ve just seen that Hargreaves Lansdown (a stockbroker - not a bank) have started what looks very much to me like a marketplace for savings. I guess that this will be very similar to the Monzo model, probably using the same savings banks.


In addition to HL’s offering, there are other single-login savings account marketplaces out there as well. e.g., Raisin and Octopus Cash

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Starling already have a link up with Raisin as well dont they?


Don’t think so. Wealthify and Wealth Simple, both of which are fee charging investment platforms.


As I understand it - although I may be wrong - the partnership there will initially enable Rasin to use Starling’s API infrastructure within Raisin’s own product.

Apparently with time the partnership will also give Starling customers access to Raisin partner banks within Starling.

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The update on 21 August mentioned “we’ll be ready to roll it out to everyone in the next few weeks!”

As it’s now 22 September, can we expect an imminent update on the current state/progress on this?

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It would be nice to get an update on this. It has been a while.

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@Anzo I agree. An update, or even a summary of terms/percentage, would be great!


Coming this month (so next week?) according to an interview with Tom in the Sunday Times:


Last week in September now, wonder if we’ll see this in the next few days! Hope so :grinning:

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Yeah I think we require an update on where Monzo are at with this.

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I’ve just started to use Moneybox as I gave up waiting on this… it’ll probably mean Monzo will announce it any day now!