An update on diversity and inclusion, March 2019

Thank you for your reply, it doesn’t answer my question though so I’ll wait bit more I guess :slight_smile:

What will more progress look like? Reducing the percentage of white staff working in the London office until it mirrors the percentage of white people living in London?

Discrimination because of skin colour, religion, sex, disability is wrong and there are laws to protect against it. I hope Monzo doesn’t go down the route of advertising jobs to certain skin colours only like we’ve seen at the BBC. All discrimination is wrong.

Strong words. I look forward to Monzo giving me a job as a backend engineer despite not knowing a single bit of the programming languages in use nowadays.

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No, not all discrimination is wrong.
We, as human beings, discriminate all the time and there’s nothing wrong with most of it.

For example, when you’re looking for a mate - you are discriminating people outside of your sexual orientation. In other words, discrimination on personal level seems to be just excercising a freedom of taste and believes.
Not everyone has to like everyone etc.

What’s not alright IMHO is discrimination on the basis of immutable characteristics by the people who have legislative power.

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When I said all, I was referring to all skin colours. The thread is about diversity and inclusion within Monzo. Like I said, the BBC discriminate against whites for some of their roles by not allowing them to apply. In recruitment tests at West Midlands Fire Service women and men from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups only have to score 60% on verbal and numerical tests – where as white men have to score 70%. This kind of discrimination is wrong, and I hope Monzo don’t fall in to it.

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This is fantastic and a great read and a model for others to use. Can I ask what resources you have internally to collate this info. For example in regards to diversity do you have permanent resource or is this a collective effort?

The reasoning behind my question is that looking at UK (unicorns) they don’t have a huge amount of resource focusing on diversity or gender pay gaps and from what I’m reading you seem to be miles ahead of the curve.


So much work must go into this. Great to see. :clap:

There haven’t been any recent updates, but I was heartened to read this in the recent article shared by @Dunsford:

Monzo has even hit the one milestone that previously seemed impossible in financial services; women now make up 40% of the bank’s leadership.

It’s more important to be doing meaningful work internally to improve diversity and inclusion than to be publicity seeking on the topic without doing the work. I hope this is an indication that that is what’s going on at Monzo. Of course, once they get their house in order, they should also publicise it as a way to show others that it can and should be done.


It should also be in the annual report in the next few weeks