An option to disable the "Your money is waiting" notifications the day before a scheduled payment

I never want to use this feature, and it’s frustrating to get all the unnecessary notifications the day before payments. It should be simple enough to separate out these notifications from the other ‘Transactions and payments’ category in settings.

on android there’s option to turn off particular notifications, that option is not available to ios

Which of these categories refers to the “Your money is waiting” notifications?

i’m not sure which one it is, however what you can do is wait until you get that particular alert then press and hold on that notification to bring up the option to mute that particular notification

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:point_up: Good tip.

In fact, if you long press on a notification, then tap on the settings cog that is displayed, it will highlight which notification type it is in the list of notification types linked to a specific app. You can then disable the toggle if preferred.

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This is not for me I’m afraid.

Whether I claim early or not it’s reassuring to see that money owed is on its way.


I mean… that’s why I suggested “an option”. :smiley: Obviously not everyone will want to use that option, but it would be simple to implement and useful for people who do want it.

Of course and I was simply giving feedback to state that it’s not for me and why you won’t be getting my vote.

I wish you luck with your suggestion though. One last thing I will say is that I’d be wary of saying things like “simple to implement” - it never goes down well.

This seems an excellent opportunity to share this link, where a Monzo staffer explains why things aren’t necessarily so simple:


How many incoming payments do you get that this is a major annoyance?

For me incoming BACS payments are about as rare as cheques (excluding salary of course)

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My weekly wage is a good example.

Granted, one annoying notification a week is a pretty first world problem - but I’d sure love to turn them off.


For anyone else wondering the same thing, I got another notification and went to the settings and it highlighted the ‘Important’ category. So I’ve disabled those and now I’ll wait and see if it blocks anything else. At the very least it would be useful to have a more descriptive name for this notification category on android!

Yep, same for me, I get about one a week on average. It’s not many but I hate notifications in general, and I really want to disable any that aren’t absolutely crucial (while keeping transaction notifications, because it is important to know immediately if I’ve sent or received actual real money).

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It’s 2021 for goodness sake, come on monzo and just make the paid early be automatic with no user involvement.

Now if only I knew of a post where I could vote on this :thinking:

I definitely wouldn’t want that either! It would be like being automatically given an overdraft with no choice. :grimacing:

I’m not sure how those two relate, can you elaborate please?

Pay early does what it says on the tin and an overdraft gets you in debt and incurs charges.

Getting paid early requires agreeing that Monzo can take back the advance if the payment doesn’t actually arrive - it’s essentially borrowing money from Monzo on faith that the payment will show up. Of course you’re right that it’s not like an overdraft in that it doesn’t incur charges or interest, but I don’t like the idea of borrowing money that I don’t actually have yet.

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The reason that pay early has a 4pm cutoff it because its too late for the sender to recall the payment after that time.

With that logic, every single payment you recieve regardless of pay early has this clause.