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Having not really been particularly aware of banking in the 90s, this intrigued me. Were banks renowned for having long waiting times?


Banks in 80s were even worse. Open when you were at work and stuck in your office but shut for lunch when you had your lunchbreak

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I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had that experience. The average response time that you see in the app is automatically set by Intercom, not by Monzo so if it said 20 minutes, then unfortunately you waited an unusually long time. On the plus side, you weren’t on hold listening to annoying music, as you would have been if you had phoned your legacy bank’s customer service line :grimacing:

Monzo have grown to have much more users than Starling within a short space of time (gaining 100k users in about 3 1/2 months) & they have acknowledged that they’re struggling to keep up with the demand. So as the previous posts in this topic mention, they have also stepped up their efforts to hire new members of the support team, which should mean that the response times improve.

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Also never open on Saturdays and used to close doors at 15:30 Monday to Friday so that they could do the books before finishing at 5pm. If you wanted a loan you’d have to make an appointment with the bank manager and turn up in your Sunday best, cap in hand!

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Hi Drew, your post & the subsequent replies were focused on your experience using Monzo’s support, rather than how you were getting on with using Starling so I’ve moved the discussion to this topic, where another user has shared their similar experience & the Monzo team have responded. I hope that makes sense :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have also found that my support requests over the past few months have consistently been around an hour to first response.

If the COps team can’t cope with the userbase, perhaps Monzo should stop growing the userbase until they manage to fix the problem. Monzo is a fully regulated bank, not a SaaS startup. Just leaving it as “oh yeah we’re working on it” is a good way to get fined by the FCA.

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Tom mentioned that he was proud of the <10 minute response time at one of the open offices (maybe January’s) before the surge in demand started so presumably Monzo are aiming for response times that’re that quick & clearly they’re not managing that sometimes at the moment.

But having said that, there have been relatively few complaints on social media & in this community about the response times, which I take as a sign that they’re still acceptable to Monzo’s users.

I’m sure they don’t need it but at least we know that they also have this incentive to not let them get out of hand! :slight_smile:

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I can see a lot of frustration here with long wait times, but I still feel Monzo’s ability to deal with problems, and the time it takes them to do so, is utterly fantastic. I’ve never had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a response, luckily, but in my experience with other banks the online chat is more of a placeholder where it usually ends with ‘please contact this team and they’ll get back to you within 5 working days’. Perhaps my experience isn’t the norm, but I’ve had a fantastic experience with Monzo’s customer service.

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No music I suppose is a bonus but the intercom thing needs to be resolved then. It’s like your high street bank saying it opens at 9 to get there and it’s closed until 10:30. I appreciate customer growth has been massive (I’m one of those) and as always recruitment is behind but come on if Monzo is serious about doing things differently this very basic thing needs to be resolved.
I waited 70 minutes for a response which is totally unacceptable regardless of customer flow. If there is a large flow put a holding response - surely the tech guys can improve this? It’s mis leading customers - not something you want to do with FCA in mind.

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As you can see from Emma’s comment & the blog post, they agree :thumbsup:

The average response time figure is there for exactly this reason - to manage user’s expectations. As I mentioned, you waited an unusually long time for a response.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the slightly more advanced work that the technical team are doing to increase the speed of responses, Valerio’s talk from this event explains one example more detail -

(Simon B) #21

Hi Drew,

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the company on how long the wait time was for you on this occasion. We can and will do better, however please bear in mind when making comparisons between us and other companies, that their customer base is different to ours. Starling, in particular, have only been sending out cards for a couple of months, so whilst I don’t know their figures, they are unlikely to be looking at more than 10,000 customers right now, whereas we are at 250,000. That’s not a dig at them - I think they are a great company and I have a card myself. Just something to bear in mind. Also worth bearing in mind that 24/7 support is something that other challenger companies actually charge for as part of their premium service!

We’ve made huge strides recently and generally speaking, our response times are world class during the day. We’ve recently been able to hire more overnight staff, so our response times are generally pretty good overnight too. The final frontier for us is weekend, and we definitely haven’t got to where we want to be on weekends yet. Specific weekend support isn’t easy to hire for, but we’re getting there and I truly believe that our weekend wait times will soon be on par with everywhere else - certainly by the time we exit Beta.

Once again, please accept my apologies and rest assured that as a company we are working as hard as we can to improve this situation.

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To back @simonb up on this, since this thread was created, I now work for Monzo and have joined the overnight support team, as have many others on the daytime team. This weekend I have put in two overtime shifts on top of my regular working hours to try and bring these queues down by getting common and short issues out of the way of the more experienced members of the team.

The recent account verification requirements change has put a lot more work on the COps team recently, though it would have been much worse if our amazing security and app teams hadn’t worked so hard on fixing the common issues. We’ve got a few more fixes for verification on some Android devices coming. :muscle:

While we fully admit that the queues have been much longer than we’ve liked at peak times, this is something we are actively working on and discussing across the company. Both in increasing our numbers in COps and decreasing the need to contact us with work in core, security, and the apps themselves. :slight_smile:

(Eve) #23

I definitely feel the stress placed on the team given the slightly longer waiting times (still nothing too major) so I now post on the forum if it’s just a basic question/ something that isn’t really urgent. I think a lot of people here know nearly just as much as the team (and reply really quick!) so I think it’s a definite plus that we can get help from more than one source. I’m not sure about other people but talking on the phone stresses me out esp when I’m dealing with banks/ embassies/ other official stuff. and I am more comfortable communicating through in-app chat. You can’t exactly send a screenshot of the problem over the phone.

P.s. nice to put a face behind the name now! :slight_smile:️ I kept assuming your avatar was Hinata from Haikyuu!!

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@simonb @RichardR - thank you both for your replies. I appreciate the customer growth of which I am one. I am a shift worker and thus understand that there are less staff around at night. I suppose for me the biggest frustration was as above - the app said 20 minutes but it took 70 minutes before a response from yourselves. If it had said 60 minutes waiting like it did last night when I checked then I wouldn’t have been bothered.
The nature of my query was that I had to use chat and couldn’t obtain the answer on the forum.

(Bob) #25

I’m wondering if it’s not so much a strict queue (waiting in line) before your issue is dealt with, but a priority queue depending on the urgency of the issue?

From my own experience, something as trivial as requesting a golden ticket to pass on can take a while for it to be acknowledged whereas reporting that a user has had their card and phone stolen gets a very quick response.

Perhaps these in-app chat requests go into a bucket to get prioritised by the duty COps?

(Alex Sherwood) #26

I assumed that too so I checked with the team a few months ago & was told that the tickets are simply dealt with in order.

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There was some great news in the annual report that’s just been published today -

we’re looking to bring on around 40 new customer operations staff in the next six months

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Im on the waiting list is there anyway you can help to speed up the process of the card coming??

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There is a dedicated golden ticket thread post there and one of us will endeavour to give you a golden ticket as soon as we are able.