AML/KYC reason to shutdown user complaints on this community

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It’s good you started this in my view - i think it’s necessary to have this discussion in a broader sense. The many threads are one thing (and how they are handled), as well as the way in which people with these issues requiring specialist intervention are communicated with in general, as that seems to be the root cause of these threads.


Sorry @garete thread is not about fraud/AML/KYC it’s about how a complaint was being dealt and flagged despite not going into any sort of details about fraud/AML/KYC

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Hi :wave:

Thank you for all your comments on this.

I’d like to start by apologising for anything that comes across as silencing genuine users. That is absolutely not our intention and it is why we always welcome your constructive comments around this.

Sadly, I’m afraid I am simply not in a position to give you answers right now. There are reasons for various things, however, as we’ve mentioned before we have to be very careful with what we share publicly which is why I’m afraid I would really appreciate it you’d all be able to wait until next week?

I understand why there is concern here, and I will make sure we do our best to give you the best answer possible.

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But that’s part of the issue - whether or not the issue is KYC, you can’t say.

Even for general complaints, FOS gives companies 8 weeks for a final response. I’d bet a quid all of these recent complaints are not waiting that long.

You’ll note general complaints (pulse, lack of features) don’t get shutdown; only complaints specific to an account. IMHO, a forum isn’t the right place. Maybe Monzo should have a separate point/dept/e-mail for complaints, with some guideline response times.


I think it’s a bit harsh about saying about the user on starling as they have tried to help the user and I think they have done there best. I appreciate that it’s impossible to answer all blocked threads. But I don’t know if the red flag or deleting or hiding them is the answer.

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As an addendum to what Hugh has said, I’d like to make it clear that radical transparency doesn’t mean users are entitled to demand answers and hold our wrists to the fire on every possible issue, particularly when those issues are potentially complex, nuanced, and/or involve very carefully monitored regulatory procedures. Even more so when a customer’s individual account is being discussed.

I believe that we provide a level of insight and transparency that is above and beyond the vast majority of companies out there, fintech or otherwise. However, that absolutely does not mean we are able to openly discuss every single issue, incident, complaint or otherwise.

There’s something that sits above radical transparency, and that’s doing the right thing. The majority of the time, we feel those two things are one and the same. In some cases, they are not, and I think it’s worth pointing out that not being transparent somewhere doesn’t automatically mean we are doing the wrong thing.

Monzo transparency

Appreciate Monzo staff response but why do have to hide and flag a complaint like the one discussed above


I’ve seen this a number of times. Some potential heated debates that I’ve been following as they happen then delisted by staff.

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Anyone can flag posts.
The current behaviour with Discourse (the forum software used here) is to hide them after a certain number of flags.
No one (except members of staff) can see who if a post has already been flagged, and if a certain number of people flag a post, it gets hidden.
I’d reckon that people could just message relevant members of staff to alert them, but flagging is just two clicks, so tends to be more convenient for most I guess.

One potential solution, if Discourse allows it, could be to adjust the settings so as to not auto-hide posts unless they are flagged as inappropriate (i.e. if they contain personal info).

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Absolutely faultless reply @simonb

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Just want to add: it seems like some people think flagging is just for inappropriate posts, but it’s how you notify staff to posts that you think need attention. If enough people flag it it gets hidden (but of course you can still read it- it’s not deleted) until staff can review the post.
You could message staff, but then you would have to wait for one specific person to check Discourse, and you would have to link the specific post as well, when it would be easier and more direct to flag it for attention.


I’m pretty sure our current response time for a complaint is 15 days internally. Well before required by regulations :+1:

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As expected :slight_smile:
(But that still feels like forever if you have no access to money, more so if you don’t know the lead time)

Are complaints sent to help@ acknowledged as complaints? As opposed to support requests?
(I checked up and rediscovered

I guess I’m wondering should there be a so people know COPs aren’t just shutting out users, leading them to shout on the forum.

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Yup :+1: This is all handled via our standard COps channels and our complaints specialists are still COps at the end of the day! (As are any of our specialists - we don’t have a “complaints department” that is fire-walled off!)

The way we identify, handle and resolve complaints is very strictly regulated and it is something we are required to get right :slight_smile:

If a customer does want to make a complaint they can always ask at any point for us to do so :blush: At that point, it will get escalated for a complaints specialist to have a look at during the week, and they will follow up with an initial response.

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Took almost 26 days back in February to handle my complaint. Unless we’re talking business days in which it was only 16.


I think this is a good reason to never have all your eggs in one basket!

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Hi Hugh,

Perhaps we can get a further update now a week has passed? Hopefully the situation has progressed somewhat :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sure! I have a meeting on Thursday to chat about this and hopefully I’ll have some more information soon :slight_smile:


Thursday’s come and gone - any news :wink: