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What’s the formula to calculate the monetary value of AMEX points?

Example, what would 50k points be worth?

They convert to vouchers at a rate of 0.5%, so you’d get £250 worth of vouchers.

Slightly more than that. If you convert to Avios and then to Nectar it’s 0.67%.

If you’re actually flying somewhere with them, it can be more than that. I just count them as 1% because that’s simpler :grin: I gather if you really plan well, you can maybe get to 2% but that’s on long haul flights with upgrades and the like.

You can get a good value for the Avios if you manage to get a short haul flight when cash tickets are expensive. Think bank holidays, football matches, sunshine destinations. 16k Avios for a return ticket to most of Europe is a bargain for peak time flights.

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Even outside overly peak time, we cleared 0.7% on Dublin to Germany return. As you say, with good timing you could do better. I’m sticking with my 1% assumption though :grin:

Oh, and if you’ve the BA card and manage to hit the companion voucher, the value is double.

Nope - 0.5%.

1000 Amex points converts to 1000 Avios, which converts to 1000 Nectar points.

Ah, forgot that they downgraded the conversion.

Better to leave it as Avios now. As I say, I managed 0.7% but it would have been 1.4% if I’d spent a touch more and got the companion voucher.

Anyone got the Hilton / Marriott cashback deals on multiple Amex cards? I have them on the platinum card was hoping I might see them on the gold card too.

On Supplementary cards I do, but primary cards only once.

hum… don’t have that on my Platinum card…

Bit of weirdness… Just tried to clear my balance using my virtual card in Monzo pot like usual. Said it’s “ineligible for selected amount” so I did bank transfer instead but now it’s not showing on my Amex as paid where as via debit card it usually does straight away.

Is it not instant with bank transfer? It’s definitely left my Monzo account.

EDIT: It just arrived, took 15 minutes lol.

Yeah I always default to debit card payment because the outcome from Open Banking in Amex is so random, whereas the debit card transaction is updated immediately.

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Open banking has never been instant for me so I always pay extra via debit card which is instant.

I just don’t see why it said I couldn’t pay it as I always paid by debit card before.

My Amex gold 1st year is almost up and as the Deliveroo credit is utterly worthless to me I deffo can’t justify ~£200 for a shiny card. Is the common consensus to downgrade to the free rewards card to keep the points, or swap out the points, open something else and attempt to swap products?

I guess the free BA card has no benefit over the member rewards card as you’re stuck with the one points currency, and they effectively have the same Avios earning ability. I’m hoarding Avios and Nectar points at the mo and will probably get slightly more value out of the Amex Nectar in the long run as I’m more likely to offset Sainsbury’s/eBay, but it’s such an ugly card.

Can anyone tell me the maths needed to work out which is best / breakeven with fees and expenditure now the Avios/nectar exchange rates have been reduced?

One issue with the Nectar card is that Amex won’t let you switch out to a different card type (as it is in a rewards family by itself). Not sure if that also applies to switching in from an existing card. So it might need a new application.

It is very ugly but I try not to look at it and just enjoy the Nectar points :laughing:

I think the flat rule across all Amex including nectar you can only move within the same reward/card style.

So to open Nectar you’d need to apply for a new card

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Some cards you can’t even switch to the same card type e.g. cashback or rewards. I called Amex last week to switch my Vitality card to a different cashback card, and they told me I can’t switch the branded card to anything and would need to be a new application - which sounds similar to Nectar.

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There’s also quite a generous referral bonus at the moment if you can find an existing cardholder ahem