Amex (American Express) Discussion & Feedback

I wouldn’t read too much into it, lenders have their own algorithms. Banks are reducing risk across the board currently and is likely being extremely conservative in regards to accepting new applications.

Oh Amex don’t seem to be. I was trying to switch from the Gold to the regular Rewards card and they told me to apply as they couldn’t simply switch products.

Instant approval, and this doubled my credit limit with them. Which is now incidentally 105% of my annual net salary

@Brad1 according to Experian’s own website charge cards shouldn’t impact your utilisation ratio so it’s most likely a mistake

Yeah my credit karma seems to take my Amex charge card into account also. So it gets p upset some months thinking I’m utilising similarly ridiculous percentages.

Seems very odd. I think i’ll just stop using my charge card as its doing more harm than good.

I have read that too but mine appears as a credit card in the app and online. I’m going to follow it up with Experian. Amex also said banks interpret it differently so it is a bit worrying that having the charge card and using it may hamper my longer term plans if Experian don’t resolve this.

Which card do you have?

If not the Basic or the Platinum, they’re all credit cards now

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I have the gold charge card, whilst it’s not available anymore you can still upgrade/downgrade to it and existing cardmembers can retain their card.

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I just downgraded from the Gold card to their free Rewards card and the quality is quite frankly disappointing.

Almost as if they want to rub it in my face that I’m a cheapo and not their target market. The card has jagged edges poorly cut, and the inside of the card has this look as if it has air bubbles inside

The N26 card was a better quality one

I just had a credit balance refunded.

They said 10 working days last Friday, but is that from when the refund actually shows on your account, or should it be right away once processed

Thanks for any advice

Mine took around 10 working day from when I requested it the other week. Then it showed in my Amex app and it was around 3 days after that.

So 10 for it to appear on the Amex end, 3 further into the current account?

Appears to have appeared on Amex quicker for me at least

I requested it on the 13th May, it appeared in my Amex app on the 21st and then in my Monzo app on the 27th. :slight_smile:

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In my experience they are a bit quicker than that. But I’d imagine at the moment they’re getting swamped with travel refunds etc

Yeah mine is from the Trainline. I had been waiting since late March. They then outright lied about refunding me when they hadn’t. Got the ticket refund X3 in compensation in the end. Just waiting for it back into Monzo now, long old process!

I have had two from Avanti West Coast refunded within days. The best of my travel refunds so far.

Worst: Ryanair - and still waiting for the hard cash :man_shrugging:

I’ve had an Amex for a few months now, very impressed with it. Had to log a dispute against Opodo/China Southern Air and it was all resolved in 15 minutes, and £850 was put straight back onto my card while they waited for Opodo to not reply.

I still find it very meta using my Amex in Poundland of all places!


I just went to pay my road tax and noticed that sadly the Government no longer take Amex. I’m quite disappointed as I got quite a few MR points paying the Gov’t since being with Amex…

Does anyone know why the change? Is there a workaround?

No work around. Perhaps the fees were too much?

The only work around for Merchants who don’t take American Express is PayPal or Billhop (I wouldn’t recommend using it unless you’re trying to get a sign up bonus as the their fee outweighs any MR points earned)

Thanks! Yes, could be the fees, although I don’t think they passed them on to customers even before the regs changed

Shame Curve never got Amex back…

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I believe they had reduced their fees not long ago… in any case do they accept PayPal? I go that route sometimes

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