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What other offers are they planning on running this coming week?

I only have the info from HfP and the Amex page on it, so will have to see what tomorrow brings.

Came across a dedicated page on AMEX for member week.

well yes, that’s the page linked in the article so I had assumed you’d seen that.

Offers are live, but nothing on either of my cards.

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Some of the offers showed up for me but nothing exciting, really.

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The 10% cashback on the food is pretty good. Has quite a few places I go.

Can’t say I’ve found any of the offers worthwhile.


I thought it used to be you received the bonuses provided you haven’t another cards in the same category or signed up within 2 years.

Now it seems to say you don’t qualify for the bonus if you’ve been a card member (regardless of Plat/BA/Rewards) in the past 24 months…

So in order to qualify you’d neex to have closed your account for 2 years. Am I reading that correctly?

It depends which card you’re applying for. The answer to your question is here: What American Express sign-up bonuses are you eligible for?

Did anyone get any great offers during this so-called Member Week? I’ve had nothing on my Platinum card.

Think the only offers are the ones on the webpage above

Hey Richard thanks - seems more restrictive than before used to be

It is – but it’s been like this for years now. If you’re in Europe you generally can’t get good stuff from cards.

They seem to be cracking down on churn as well, if you join them in the future there’s a likelihood you won’t be offered the same sort of credit line you were offered the first time round. Don’t know how true that is, but plenty of posts on HfP talking about this.

see I fancy a rewards or cash back card I have a BA.

But the way I see it I’d have to cancel my BA to gain the sign up bonus in 2 years time and lose my generous credit limit.

Or I can apply again, see if they open a reward/cash back account transfer my limit over and cancel the BA but gain no signup bonus.

Thinking the Barclaycard avios might be better with a big purchase coming up, and I’ll just convert them to nectar

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What do people think about this?

Personally I think it’s a step in the right direction, but the execution is terrible.

  • you will receive 100 tier points when you have spent £15,000 after registration

  • you will receive a further 50 tier points if you spend a further £5,000

  • you will receive a final 50 tier points if you spend a further £5,000, for a total spend of £25,000

You need to complete your spending by 21st May 2024

So you would need to pump £2,500 a month through the card between now and May to earn just 100 tier points.

We already put all of our household spending on the card and we’d still be a few thousand short of the target.

At the top end, to earn 200 tier points you would need to put £4166 a month on the card (50k a year). At that spend-level you’re not going to be worrying about a measly 200 tier points. You would also need to value 200 tier points more than your partner getting their own 241 voucher etc.

As I say, it’s a step in the right direction. It’s just completely lost in terms of target-market.

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Who is the target market? I wouldn’t expect this to be aimed at the general public the same as this card and the Plat aren’t really. And for those people who this is aimed at, it’s a nice bonus.

The main benefit of the card is the 241 voucher, so I would argue that it’s anyone who is able to put £833 of discretionary spending through the card each month. That’s quite different to putting £2500 a month through the card.

Once you’re at the levels required to hit these targets, you’re likely either earning more tier points through business travel bookings or you’re paying for business/first anyway so the benefit of 100-200 extra tier points is going to be super-minimal.

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Good move, bad execution.

About sums it up.

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