Amex (American Express) Discussion & Feedback

It’s the stock image card numbers and “C F FROST”, couldn’t really see them before, removing the name and numbers altogether would look visually better in my opinion but it’s probably just me being picky for no reason. I preferred when it was tucked away and perhaps swiping up to view the carousel would have been better, as mentioned by ndrw above.

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Good point, on the new cards they’re going away from that and printing them on the reverse. Doesn’t make sense to have dummy name/number on the card images.

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Honestly doesn’t really bother me, but each to their own…

I’m definitely in the “bother” camp. Would prefer personal details to appear on the card if it has to show, at all.


Is it just me or have the offers on AMEX been really poor as of late?


Depends on what you are into and what offers you get as there’s a degree of personalisation to them.

Beginning of the year there were so many hotel and travel offers, nothing at this moment in time. Unless you want a pair of (sun)glasses.

I got a mix of travel, dining and general lifestyle offers currently. I guess travel was more heavily featured earlier in the year because people were booking summer holidays.

I do have an offer to spend £1k at a watchmaker and get 25000(!!!) points. That’s a 25x multiplier.

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My Offers have been poor for ages.

Last I used was LNER, but now get that offer through my Barclaycard.

Does anyone have a screenshot of how the BA Blue AMEX card looks like on Apple Pay?

I imagine exactly the same as it does on the website.

Here’s how it looks in-app with the other platform - GWallet:

(Black rectangle added for training and security purposes)


Does anybody have experience in changing from a Platinum Cashback Everday card to a Gold Preferred Rewards card?

On my account through the app and website, plus online chat, says I need to ring them to change cards. So I ring up and they tell me I can only change it online and need to whole fresh new application? When I try to apply it fails because I’ve already got an account/card.

I feel like I’m stuck in an infinite loop!

Any suggestions?

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I have applied for another Amex card while having one already a few times. For example I have applied and been approved for gold card while holding a green charge card. The gold card is not from the same family of cards as the card you currently hold, so it would be a new application I would have thought.

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You can’t swap from one family of cards (cashback) to another (MR). It needs to be a new application. Strange that it won’t let you though. Do you meet the new income criteria?


Yes meet all the requirements - have been an Amex customer for nearly 5 years now. It feels like a process glitch rather than a credit issue. But good to know it does need to be new full application.

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Though as an existing cardholder they shouldn’t hard search you. So there’s a bit of good news.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a message before in any promotional communication from Amex. Is it the duty of care that’s made them add it I wonder, or just market conditions?

Been toying with switching from NatWest to Amex. Always written off getting perks when buying EasyJet, but noticed earlier that I can book them through Amex Travel. Though from what I can see at a big markup (20 on easyJet, 40 on Amex)! Question is, does this price include baggage, or are these also charged extra? There’s nothing obvious on the Amex Travel site (unless I’m missing something).

If not, seems like it’s not worth it. Kind of expected, it’s budget after all, but would be nice to get something back as travelling with them more frequently atm

Looking at a dummy run from London to Paris next week on EasyJet (£52/12k points) none have baggage included so I would imagine this needs to be bought extra via EasyJet.

Same dummy run with British Airways initially gives basic economy (no baggage) but allows me to choose different economy options including baggage.

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