Amex (American Express) Discussion & Feedback

ThePointsGuy have a great article that explains how their Membership Rewards work incl their estimated value:
The ultimate guide to UK American Express Membership Rewards

edit: 2nd question- you can just keep both cards open, both the Platinum Cashback + Platinum Credit Card. If you choose to close the Platinum Cashback when you upgrade you’ll need to apply again for it when you close the Platinum CC. You can also close the paid Platinum CC before a year is over to receive a refund of the equivalent portion of fees remaining

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When spent using Nectar one Membership Reward point is worth 0.8p

So your 60,000 points would be worth £480

To clarify 1 MR point = 1 Avios
1 Avios = 0.8p in Nectar points.

So anywhere you can spend Nectar points (Sainsbury’s, Argos, eBay etc) will allow you to spend £480.

You can get more/less value redeeming with other MR or Avios partners, but you should generally consider 0.8p the floor value and avoid redeeming if you’re going to get less value than this.