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Get a complaint in, for the sake of £7.99 and maintaining a good relationship, Amex should be working harder here.


Isn’t that the amount to be transferred ?

The points shown there and what’s in the avios account don’t match

I might well do, haven’t really made my mind up yet. Tempted to see how it goes, but at the same time it annoyed me sufficiently


See on the face of it I agree, but I would hazard a guess that Amazon crops up over thousands of accounts frequently so this £7.99 (and it can be much higher) will multiply to a lot.

It’s why Monzo got stricter with their refunding of pending charges as customers grew. It’s really not as simple as “it’s a small amount for this one customer” because they are looking across the millions of global customers they have.

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Yeah it’s not your full airmile account amount, it’s the number you’ve accrued in this current statement. Did I say something different? (Now I’m questioning what I wrote :laughing:)

maybe the way I interpreted it… Its been a long week :crazy_face:

I feel you. No, just what you’ve got this period. There’s no point in showing your total amount since Amex probably don’t have access to that and you can get it from other more relevant places.

Not least after 7 years I’d like to think I’d have earned more than 261 miles :joy: I’m a millionaire*

*miles wise, sadly.


I see Apple Pay has finally changed to new card design, I have had new design

physical card for few months.

As you would have seen a little further up this topic the statement adjustment is the better thing to receive.

If you’re past your statement date and you get a refund, then AMEX would expect you to pay them the amount you’ve had taken from you along with the rest of your outstanding balance, then request a credit balance refund.

A statement adjustment would completely remove the amount from your account without you having to pay.

If you imagine you’re £1-2000 out of pocket, you quickly see why a statement adjustment is better.


Out of curiosity, did it update automatically or did you have to remove the card and add it again? Mine’s still showing the old design.

It updated on iPhone when I added gold card to Apple Watch.

I see Amex gold is getting an increased annual fee from this article, on Amex website it’s says this is just some of new benefits to come, might we get a gold metal card?

Oh, interesting! My first year runs to February, so I’ll see what the new benefits are (and indeed if we get a metal card finally – I wish), then decide whether to stay or not. As it is neither the current, nor the new benefits are worth it for me

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The increase in points, and increase in free airport lounge stays will be welcome! :smiley:


I used up my free two lounge passes earlier this year. The lounge was dirty, tiny, and the food wasn’t all that nice either. Not sure I’d ever pay for another lounge pass thingy


That’s fair - which lounge was it? They can definitely be hit & miss, but they beat paying airport prices for drinks! :joy:


Has there ever been any talk of uk getting metal card? Some European countries have metal i think.


UK platinum are metal currently.


Airport lounges can be insanely hit or miss. Most are fairly decent. To my mind if there’s free alcohol I’ll make the cost up!