Amex (American Express) Discussion & Feedback

Would that not be considered a cash advance?


It went through for me as a purchase. Your mileage may vary.

Crowdcube seems to be charging a fee to invest and explicitly accept Debit, Credit, and Amex cards. If it charged cash fee, it would be a lot of angry people very quickly.

Note that i.e. CDF and Spread betting firms also accept credit cards. Whereas pure ISA do top ups with debit cards only. So who knows.

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Personally, Iā€™m always worried about being potentially hit with a cash fee unexpectedly, so I always do these sorts of transactions via a debit card instead of a credit card, despite using a cashback credit card for all other day to day spending.

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Do you happen to know if Amex charges any extra fees for spending at Seedrs?

I do not use seeders.

No worries.

Signed up for an AMEX card and trying to make sure I get the welcome bonus but unsure if Seedrs would count as a cash advance which incurs a fee from AMEX or not.

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