Amazon Vs Card payment

I have my Monzo Card added to my Amazon account. I just wanted to add a credit card too. So I can buy things on my credit card without going overdrawn on my Monzo account.

Anyhow, went on the app and went to your payments, add new card and nothing shows up to add a new card (the image above) went on safari on my iPhone to try via safari and still the same situation.

So I go to Amazon live chat and explain and they try a few things and then insist on calling me to fix this issue. I was like ok.

They call me and tell me what do. Again this doesn’t work. So they begin asking for my expiry date on my card….I gave it them. Then asking for the long card number and I’m like woaaaaahhh. I do not feel comfortable giving you my card details. They advise me that I’m unable to add an alternative payment onto the system, so they can do it from their end instead but I will have to give them my card details.

I again was like no sorry, I do not feel comfortable in giving you my card details. She was trying to convince me that she was a genuine Amazon member of staff and tried to get my card number off me again, and I declined again.

Anyway. She seemed a little miffed that I wouldn’t give her my card details and I said I would just leave it and that was pretty much it. However she was quite persistent.

Am I just being over cautious or did I do the right thing? Are Amazon allowed to ask you for your card details over the phone etc?

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In ye olde days before the internet we used to give our card details over the phone all the time. I still do when I order coal

If you are sure it was live chat then it seems normal

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I had this problem and had to add the card in the end using my MacBook and added just fine

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I just feel very uncomfortable by giving a member of staff my details. It was definitely live chat by Amazon. They arranged for this person to call me back.

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Your call.

If you are not comfortable doing it, don’t do it.

I’d probably be just as wary, especially if it is from a call back.

I find it strange though that you cannot add a payment method to your account.

It is normally so simple and straightforward.


It’s your call.

Personally I wouldn’t have minded. Giving your details over the phone isn’t in and of itself dangerous or risky. So long as you know who you’re giving it to, and for a credible purpose, and not giving more information than required I don’t see any issue.

In this instance, while I’m sure they could look into things, to get your card on there faster they just wanted to try and do it for you, which would need your details to do.

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I’ve never tried in the Amazon app, but have added numerous cards to Amazon via the website without any problems.
Maybe it’s just a limitation of the app :man_shrugging:

I have added cards before via the app just seams lately to be a problem but fine on the desktop site

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I mean that’s how card payments over the phone work, like others have said that’s your choice of you give them or not. Any company can ask for your card details over the phone, in fact I’ve done this with the vets several times over lockdown.

Interestingly, Dozens doesn’t let you pay for stuff over the phone (presumably certain transactions where the cardholder isn’t present are blocked).

On the actual question, I’d always err on the side of caution. If it feels wrong just hang up. There’s no loss if you’re wrong, but if you’re right and it is dodgy then you could lose a lot.