Amazon launches first Fire TV with built in Alexa mics..... with Grundig


Grundig? Now there’s a brand that takes me back to childhood. Didn’t know they were still in business.


The tone of voice in my head reading that was very optimistic until I read Grundig. I thought they were the one from years ago who made ultra budget TVs

I thought they folded years ago. Apparently they are now part of a huge Turkish conglomerate. Their products are considered [?] to be efficient, innovative, reliable and environmentally friendly. R-

Is that by the Turkish conglomerate? :wink:


Well, actually on the website - so yes. R-

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Grundig is BEKO

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That’s another one of those brands that used to be something, took a turn for the worst and got gobbled up by someone.

Lifted from The Telegraph 1 Sep 2019

Now Beko is part of the unfortunately named Arçelik, which itself is just one company among more than a dozen which fall under the control of Koç Holding, owned by one of Turkey’s wealthiest families.



Are the names in that article a joke? Or maybe I’m just being childish.


Surely The Telegraph would not do such a thing :grinning:?

I would suggest that those words spoken in the native Turkish tongue will sound quite different to how our English imaginations are saying them. R-

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