Almost 5,000 high street banks have shut or are set to close since 2015

Not too surprising that so many have closed over the past few years. You need to visit a branch for fewer activities due to improvements in online and mobile banking.

Here is the Which? article - Bank branch closures: is your local bank closing? - Which?

Money Saving Expert also wrote an article based on the Which? data - Almost 5,000 high street banks have shut or are set to close since 2015 - but if you need access to cash and a local branch you still have options

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Amusing to see natwest so high after their big advertising campaign saying they weren’t closing branches… ‘Oh dear, my bank is now a trendy wine bar!’

As with many I live in a town that no longer has a high street bank. I do wonder how some people cope with that…


Using Post office as a bank cough cough

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The gall of this poster being displayed in one of the parts of SE London which infamously lost very busy Nationwide branches in 2011, leaving all of inner SE London without a branch (Blackheath, Catford, Greenwich, Lewisham, Peckham, Walworth & Woolwich)


2023! How bold!

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I think they made that commitment a while ago soit is a bit better than it seems.

Our local Barclays closed some years ago. From then until last year the Nationwide across the road had a sign enticing Barclays customers to Nationwide, because Nationwide was ‘Proud to be different.’

So why did the sign come down? I hear you ask. Yep, the Nationwide is now closed. Now the nearest Barclays is nearer than the nearest Nationwide.


The local Barclays here (large rural village surroundings) shut up shop about 5 years ago.
The building remained empty while owners/developers wrangled over purchasing/ownership/potential.

The local, independently owned, Wine Shop then got hold of it and made it into a Wine Bar.

Boom :boom:

We can’t even get in as locals without a 3-month advance booking now. Bridge-and-Tunnel crew influx. It’s the strangely-shifting future of grand-banking buildings.


Young person’s opinion but if I ever have to go to a branch for any reason a bank has failed me.

Archaic and more will be lost. I do understand the elderly need them but for me, I can do everything and more online. Haven’t walked into a bank in about 7 years now.


The only bank that ever wanted me to go to a branch was Barclays. I switched from them a few weeks later. Santander and Nationwide have never required me to go in, although I haven’t used them for anything other than current and savings accounts.

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Probably > 5 years since I’ve last been to a bank branch.

I don’t really use cash anymore either, if ever? In the last 12 months I probably used a cash machine…once.

It’s a privileged position to be in though, some people get paid in cash and rely on branches to help them deposit it, so I can see why losing the high street branch can be a blow.