Allow us to create dummy accounts for grabbing switching bonuses from other banks


Ok just kidding. Maybe.

(Herp Derp) #2

This please…



This text will be blurred


… With dummy direct debit too :wink:


to another dummy monzo account??


NatWest already offer dummy accounts.
(Accounts for dummies)

(Hugh) #7

A few people have said to me that the only people they know using Monzo are bad at financial management

(Herp Derp) #8

Oh the stigma of a prepaid card, how strong it is…


I’m not sure how serious you are (I assume you are not), but isn’t this a bit hypocritical given all the fuss about people who were supposedly taking advantage of monzo by taking them up on their free foreign withdrawal offer?


That would depend on whether anyone making a fuss was also taking advantage of this offer.

Personally I have no problem with anyone maximising the benefit they get from any financial relationship. I also have no problem with monzo terminating that maximising opportunity when the costs outweighed the benefit, just as Clydesdale etc will do the same once they have picked up the desired number of new clients or spent the allocated slush fund budget.