Allow the option to add an extra line to each transaction

Mr Speaker, like many other members of this house, I shop in supermarkets, but I don’t categorise every purchase as groceries. For me, supermarket transactions are often recategorised as transport when I buy petrol. The problem is, I often forget to recategorise the transaction. If the transaction category was included below the merchant name, I’d be able to see at a glance which transactions are wrongly categorised.

There’s already a thread to request a running balance in the transaction feed, and Monzo have added a toggle in Labs to remove the summary bar from the home screen.

So how about a toggle in Labs to add an extra line to each transaction? The line could have a running balance under the transaction amount, and the category under the merchant name. One day, it might even become configurable by the user. Imagine the possibilities a configurable home screen could bring to the country!

I commend this motion to the house.