Allow scheduled withdrawals from locked pots, edit: You can, I just forgot

Say you’re saving for bills, and want to remove the temptation of taking out money for a tempting Black Friday deal. You at the moment can’t lock the pot, because you won’t be able to withdraw the money when the bill is due. It would be perfect if you could have a pot where only scheduled withdrawals are allowed, to ensure only the correct amount comes out at the correct time.

I think it does work from locked pots if memory serves me correctly.

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Locking a pot does not prevent direct debit payments from being processed from it. It only prevents cash from being taken out of the pot.

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schedule bill payments will come out of lock pots, you only can’t withdraw the funds manually until the pot is opened or deleted


Ahh cheers guys! I don’t know how I didn’t notice that

Going to close this as the question has been answered