Allow Lottery for age 16+

Monzo does have a duty of care to its users

Monzo also has a duty (and I would say it’s their main duty) to provide a functional bank account. A bank account that declines legal merchants is defective. I’m all-in for features helping with gambling addictions but it should be opt-in like the current gambling block is.

It’s a bit like selling Internet access and then randomly blocking websites because they don’t align with my moral standards. As a carrier my job is to simply forward packets back and forth. Whether those packets contain anything I deem “bad” is none of my business.


I don’t think blocking gambling sites for children, even if 1 site of hundreds is legal, is providing an un-functioning bank account and projecting moral standards. Nationwide refuse to deal with Coinbase. Their bank account isn’t un functioning. Banks have the right to refuse a relationship with whoever they like.

I have no problems with gambling, if that is a person’s tipple. What I do care about is protecting children from harm. 370,000 children in England, Scotland and Wales gamble and 25,000 of them are problem gamblers.


Yes, this is a block implemented by, as far as we’re aware, all UK banks.

I’ll poke an appropriate team internally and see how much work it would be to whitelist the National Lottery.


Thanks for the explanation, I thought this was why :slight_smile:

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When I was with Nationwide (and Barcays) when I was 16/17, I didn’t have any issues topping up my National Lottery account…

So, unless it’s changed in the last 3/4 years (which is entirely possible), that’s not the case.

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What I do care about is protecting children from harm

I don’t see how much “harm” there is going to be in any case. It’s not like they can go in debt, and if they gamble away all their pocket money, then they hopefully will learn from it and not do it next time.

In any case, this does nothing to “protect” anyone - if they want to gamble they’ll just cash out at the ATM and gamble that way. This just puts roadblocks for occasional, responsible gambling but does nothing against a dedicated/addicted gambler who can just cash out or transfer to a friend and gamble on their account.

Again, I am fully supportive of the gambling block as it’s implemented on the full accounts. I just do not like it being enforced on the kids accounts with no opt-out.


That’s completely not true I have multiple bank accounts and none of them ban national lottery and very few ban other gambling


I completely agree

I also was able to use Barclays Pingit at 17 to buy lottery tickets through my Barclays account. Although that was 4 years ago now

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It hasn’t changed non of my banks block gambling I think Halifax does but not lottery

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They have likely whitelisted the National Lottery. The question was more about all other gambling, National Lottery is a special case in the UK.

If banks were to knowingly allow under-18s to gamble or order age restricted goods (where the merchant provides that information using the merchant category code) using their debit cards, we would be in breach of the law.


Is this recent? Since by the looks of it other banks allow it.

So why don’t they block Amazon and eBay there 18+ sites? Yet they block a 16+ service

Ok, so it’s not likely Monzo are going to follow and whitelist the lottery like other banks?

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I feel like we’re going around in circles here. We’ll look at whitelisting the National Lottery but I’m not promising anything at this stage. :+1:


Why don’t Monzo force block gambling for all ages then?

If you are 18+ they can’t stop you. If you are 16+ they are at least trying to help you. :grin:

Don’t trust the government to always do the right thing for the people. If that was the case, the sale of all tobacco products would be banned. It isn’t because it brings in piles of tax money.

Companies, including Monzo have the right to do what is beneficial to their customers. Customers have the right to leave if they disagree :no_mouth: .


Monzo should absolutely block gambling sites for under 18’s - Anything that is illegal, and can be blocked by a bank, should be.

They should also allow anything that is legal - If the National Lottery is legal, there is no way your bank should block transactions.

However, the accounts are brand new, and this has now been raised, so hopefully it’ll be sorted soon.


Because it’s illegal to knowingly permit those under-18 to gamble (subject to limited exceptions that include the National Lottery).

A person commits an offence if he invites, causes or permits a child or young person to gamble.


I can’t promise anything but if someone has had a transaction declined that they think should have gone through please ping an email to with the email address on your account and details about the transaction so I can find it.

I’ll then see if there is anything that can be used to exclude these.