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but you said Alt number on the same phone as you used before? I think this makes sense as they have to hold a device id to be able to see which apps are authorised for your account.
I used a new number with a new device, so the only way to match would be on name, dob etc.
I work in software as a product manager so I suspect the checks to see if you are trying to rejoin occur when you try to open the account, not when you try to move the app.
Imagine if I bought a second hand phone, and try to install the chase app and it was blocked because someone else had used chase before on that phone.

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Hmm I’d be tempted to try this as I’ve also burnt the chase bridge, but I also don’t want to ruin my chance if they end up letting previous customers back in general.

I did ask CS if they were ever going to allow people back. For example Starling allow people back after 12 months (literally to the day).
Chase said their system does not allow people back and they didn’t know if it ever would. I’m surprised they still allow you to create accounts to use for switching to get bonuses (which is what I got wrong first time!)

The checks happen when they confirm your identity. Chase knows you are still the same person who closed a previous account, because it is sure of your identity. Your identity isn’t dependent on giving Chase a different email address or phone number.

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I worked on the basis it verified ID by biometrics and or address therefore this wouldn’t matter if it was a different number or device.

Of course I’m not sure we will ever know. So I am grateful I was allowed back and will never ever close it again…
I know when I tried before using my original number it was a flat no

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I have just tried all of this, different phone, number and email. Got the knockback at the verification stage, I wonder if they verify using credit agencies also now.

You’re failing the KYC stuff for some reason. Moved recently? Got a date wrong?

Guys, without getting all ‘Forum Police!’ can you take the Chase discussion over into the Chase thread?

Logged in to see a lot of new post on Algbra and thought maybe they’d launched something exciting (paying from cubes?) or updated their cash back offer.


They’re discussing Chase? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I replied under the presumption they’re trying to sign up for Algbra. I thought that’s what the discussion was about? It was last night.

Sorry that’s totally on me. I hadn’t realised it wasn’t on the chase thread.


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Fair point… sorry guys

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