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Children are being bullied. I think people are fair to complain about that.

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News flash, children have bullied each other since time began, so have adults.

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Newsflash, it was Amazon’s decision to chose a fairly common name for their virtual assistant. It wouldn’t have been that hard to predict what would have happened and they could have tried to prevent it by giving it a different name. For example, Google called theirs “Google Assistant”. That isn’t going to cause any hurt to any children.

Big wow :sweat_smile:

If it’s not that it’ll be kids calling each other fat, ugly, poor, nothings going to change kids been like that, most will grow up and learn it’s not on, some won’t and will carry on for life

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Big wow.

If you read that article, you would realise that someone had to change their child’s name. That is terrible and wouldn’t have happened if Amazon didn’t decide to associate a fairly common name with a virtual assistant (which is essentually a virtual slave).

The children bullying are at fault but so is Amazon. It wouldn’t have been hard to predict yet Amazon didn’t seem to care.

If something leads to someone changing their fairly common name, there clearly is an issue and I’m pretty disgusted that you have an issue with those complaining (the victims and their parents) rather than one of the causes of this (Amazon).

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Alexa is not and was not a common name.


If the outrage were because they’re called Karen, I’d understand where you’re coming from @DaveJ, but in this case Amazon could have called their assistant anything, yet they picked a human name.

I think it’s fair to give them the benefit of the doubt, because you’re not necessarily going to foresee these issues, but Amazon’s response of saying ‘you can pick other wake words’ just isn’t good enough.

It would cost them a bit of money, but I’m sure big Jeff has enough spare change to pay for a rebrand.


I do agree that if they didnt foresee the issue they clearly know about it now. I’m sure they could fairly easily change the wake word to “Echo” considering that’s the name of most of their devices with Alexa.

Feels like another snowflake generation thing or issue grandstanding.

I was regularly called Kevin from Kevin and Perry growing up as I was called Kevin and had red hair. I didn’t like it. I didn’t complain to Harry Enfield for emotional distress because of it. I dealt with the issue which was people not being nice.

Maybe every perceived negative version of every name should be banned.


You can already do that. As the article says.

Changing the name now won’t change anything, it’s too well known as Alexa.


Considering it was the 167th most popular baby name in 2016, but the 920th in 2019, I would say it was a relatively common name considering how many names must have been on that list.

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Is 4000 people (under 25) common in a population of over 60 million?


It would be impossible to tell, but I reckon there are a fair few Alexandras who go by Alexa, but that’s much easier to resolve really.

They should spare a thought for this poor lady


My mother thinks the device is called Alexa. It’s really annoying when she’s to talking about it rather than to it, as she keeps accidentally waking it up. :man_facepalming:


Half expecting a random gofund me account to be set up to help them. Seems to be the in thing when a snowflake story pops up :eyes:


This is exactly what I did. So easy.

Was binge watching Schitt’s Creek and the machine kept taking Alexis as it’s wake word :man_facepalming:

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This isn’t widespread. It’s not a common name. It’s a non-issue broadly.

If kids are bullying other kids, you know who should be blamed? The bullies.

Amazon will not, and probably should not, change the default name for their assistant. It wouldn’t make much of a difference here.

I’m happy to be controversial on this one; I really don’t like blame-passing situations, where we find the most innovative ways to blame anyone BUT the individuals actually at fault.


I don’t condone bullying. I was bullied as a child at school. I had really dry skin and was called flake, flakey etc. Are we now going to insist that we change the name of a popular chocolate bar just in case someone like me gets upset because of something some bullies said?

It taught me to be resilient and to let things wash over me as I’ve got older. This is an important part of growing up.

We are in an unfortunate situation where as a society we are trying to remove everything and anything that someone might not like, agree with or make them uncomfortable. We’ve removed the concept of failure by having nonsense like stopping sports days just in case someone doesn’t win a race.

Words and phrases like woke and snowflake exist for a reason and that reason is that we are creating a generation of them.