Airline in air purchases

Monzo works fine including contactless in Canada but beware Air Canada terminals would not accept in air for food and drink purchases.

Sorry to hear this :confused:

Prepaid or Current Account?

What decline/error did you get?

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Prepaid. Haven’t converted yet. The stewardess just said, after remarking
what a great colour the card was, that on inserting into her reader 'card
not accepted.

/insert gag here about transactions not working in the clouds/

Isn’t this to do with the card being online-only as opposed to the current account cards being online preferred?

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It might be, but remember the service code on a current account card is 221. So the old magstripe terminals still used by some airlines will still see it as online-only. Also, I wonder if it might have any other impact?

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Sadly no prepaid cards work offline :frowning: (neither do the very very first Current Account cards)

That’s not always true. I haven’t had it in awhile, but if I remember correctly, my (US market) Bluebird card (magstripe only) had a service code of 101, allowing offline use, and I did use it once at a gift shop in a US National Park to confirm it worked offline (no network connection for miles around). It was oddly printed ‘electronic use only’ or something like that on the card, but this wasn’t enforced at all by the service code.

Meanwhile, even the most current Monzo card has a service code of 221, forbidding offline magstripe use (at a minimum, Application Usage Control should be followed for the chip… hopefully).