AFD Default Reservation Amount

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So there has been some beef recently about reservation amounts at pay-at-pump - here’s a news report

Monzo’s own Dan Chatfield blogged an explanation here

Monzo could add the option for customers to select their own reservation amount in the app for AFDs (Automated Fuel Dispensers). If the pump sends a pre-auth for £99, Monzo could respond with a partial authorisation and return the smallest of either the available to spend, or the personal pre-auth amount.

That way a customer can limit their reservation exposure to a value they’re comfortable with regardless of how much they have in their account.

If this could be implemented fairly quickly, there would be a bit of good PR and a way to attract more accountholders.

Pre-ordering authorising the full amount months in advance
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Good write up on the attached link! It clarified the information for me,


That to me has to be the most useful suggestion to the community in ages. Hopefully an amount that can be set in advance of each refueling so a different amount each time, rather than set one amount that always applies.