Adobe to bring content-aware fill to After Effects

So, I use Photoshop a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Practically every day outside of work I’ll be editing some kind of graphic or working on a design for one project or another.

And for anyone that’s used Photoshop in the last few years, content-aware fill on images has become a secret weapon of sorts. It can swiftly analyse your entire image to remove unwanted objects, extend textures, and all kinds of cool stuff like that. It’s not perfect, but most of the time it’s pretty damn impressive.

And Adobe are bringing it to video now.

Check this out.

The top and bottom image are the same clip. Just using content-aware fill to remove the cars. And this isn’t a painstaking edit where someone has gone through every frame, it’s almost instant. Select the areas or objects, and boom - Adobe uses machine learning to edit it out.

Game-changer! I use After Effects far less than I do Photoshop, but I’m still eager to test this out on a few shots.