Adobe CC COVID-19 discount 2 months free

Which applications do you use?

I use the Serif Affinity suite - really nice set of products, albeit limited to the photo editing, designing, and publishing only packages. A great alternative to Photoshop, Illustrator, and any other publishing software. Also doing some sort of offer at the moment I believe…

I’ve never looked back - I’ve missed one feature from Illustrator and that’s it. Heavier users might struggle a bit more to shift but still worth a look if you don’t use the full Adobe suite.

Oh and fixed price for each major version. £50 normal price for each, and they update all the time.

Just did mine now :wink: was going to have a £45 cancellation fee, the offer gave me 2 months free :wink:

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Not connected to this discount it’s worth haggling the price down anyway. We’ve been paying £30 for many years. When it ends you just say it’s too much and it’s needs to be the same and they say yes to another 12mths at the same discount without hesitation.

Anything above a couple of quid charging you each month and they are raking it in, so they would be insane to lose customers.

If the £50 enables you to earn a few thousand a month then it’s worth it. If it’s just for a hobby then yeah pretty expensive.

I was using Dreamweaver and Photoshop, now using RapidWeaver and Affinity.

Just had a quick look at Rapidweaver looks quite good not really used dreamweaver for years, does it’s allow you to sync with the hosting like dreamweaver did/does?

I am on Mac so have you used Coda2 at all?

Adobe do Brackets which is free too.

If you can ditch the wysiwyg

Or Sublime

Instead of old school FTP I would def recommend learning to use GIT, and get a free bitbucket account or GitHub etc

Whilst you could use something like Tower, it’s also good just doing in Terminal or iTerm2.

As for design this beats Adobe XD.

As for Photoshop great for photos, and illustrator great for logos and illustrations. InDesign great for layout (Quark RIP).

Dreamweaver however should be set on fire and meet Fireworks in hell.

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Cheers for the info.

Most of the sites I do is with Wordpress and the Divi builder, it’s a little side business, but I really need to learn the basic’s, I know enough to get by but would love to learn fully HTML, CSS & PHP along with terminal server.

I learnt more while in work than I do at home, and now I do not “work” as I am a carer for my son, I have way more time but always find excuses not to do things I should do like learn stuff :joy:

Once you look away from WordPress you see how much of a turd it is and why PHP is given such a bad rep when people try and use as a starting point for anything other than a simple brochure site.

Probably the best PHP framework atm is Laravel

It’s still best to learn actual PHP but you could jump straight in with docs and Laracasts.

If you wanted to learn PHP it’s worth aiming at 7.4 and future 8.

CSS atm it’s Bulma or Tailwind, but again worth learn the pure CSS it’s shorthand for and use flexbox directly etc

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Yes it automatically syncs with built in ftp.
You can mark pages as ‘changed’ if you want to force overwrite of server pages.
I’m finding it very easy now with it’s ‘Foundry’ and ‘Stacks’ add ins. It’s as simple as drag and drop and RapidWeaver has a large community for additional stacks, themes and templates to boost your library.
I’ve not used Coda.

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Not the time to buy Coda 2, as Panic are in beta testing for their next code editor, Nova.

I’m using the beta at the moment - a handful of bugs, but it’s got a lot of promise. Replacing Atom for most things for me, but will keep Atom around until it’s out of beta at least.

Bought Coda year ago a and I think had a free upgrade to Coda 2 not sure though :wink:

Will have a look at Nova once released

If you have a Coda license you should be able to get access to the Nova Beta :slight_smile:

Agree with this, I work with WordPress everyday but it has a lot of issues. If you continue to use WordPress and want to dive more into the code, I really reccomend trying to get started with Timber WP instead:

I’d stick to learning Pure CSS rather than either of those. It can be excessive to use a framework for everything, a lot of the time you don’t need it. Tread carefully with Tailwind, it’s a very good framework but it’s also quite overpowering, especially if you don’t know the basics of CSS. It is also built around the idea of solely using something called utility classes which is a bone of contention between a lot of developers, in my view solely using Tailwind is a bad move.

I’d say a great resource for learning HTML and CSS is Codepen, the picked pens on the front page are usually quite fun things that you can click on and pick apart to see how they work. It’s also a great place to quickly put something together and share with people.

An easy way to get started with Wordpress stuff is downloading a program called Local by Flywheel, it removes the complexity of setting up a WordPress site on your machine making it easier to have a play

I’m a WordPress & Frontend Dev so if you ever have any quick q’s feel free to dm me :slight_smile:

Will have a look cheers :wink:

Cheers, have another couple of resources to look through :wink:

Will DM in future with any Q’s :wink:

Thanks again

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Another one here that hasn’t used Dreamweaver in years :raised_back_of_hand: Until you make the jump you don’t realise how cumbersome it is.

I use visual studio code. It’s free and you can install plugins to enhance it even further and really make it your own :100:

Same here, I love VS Code

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This was good intel, thanks. I went to the chatbot as suggested, got transferred to a real human, told him I understood I could get a discount because of the pandemic and he immediately said, yes, no problem, we will give you three months, not just two. I then waited while he applied that to my account. Next payment now due in July instead of April. Result! :grimacing:

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Also worth asking for a discount when it comes back if you are paying the £50 a month.

We keep ours at £30 when 12mths is up, say the £50 is too much I want the same deal at they give another 12mths with no fuss. I might see if they can go lower.

They could have you paying £1 a month and still be raking it in.