Addition to short term budget idea

So i suggested a short term budget for holidays and such, another implication of this is overall budgets. We spent £480 of our £500 budget on holiday, now we’re home weve moved the remaining £20 into various pots. To make the summary screen make sense again ive had to reduce the holidays budget and the overall budget by £20 so that that ‘left to spend’ shows a useful figure

I’m not overly sure what your suggestion here is.

Would it be that if you transfer from the temporary budget that your monthly budget then readjusts itself? And the corresponding category adjusts itself too?

I suppose there are various options, a holiday budget is a different need to the way budgets are currently used so there would be no reason to have a facility to reallocate unused funds from a budget.

In my example the holiday budget is finished with part way through the month, or in similar cases could overlap between your usual periods so monthly budgeting probably isnt the place to address this.

A separate budget dedicated to a period set by the user could work. Pots wouldn’t necessarily be the way to go as you can’t spend from a pot.

I dont particularly have a definitive solution, its more feedback than idea

It seems a little overcomplicated to me.

Manually changing the budget mid month if need be seems like a solution that would fit each individual case.

There’s another suggestion thread that asks for the monthly budget to equal all the category budgets added together which I think might help with this. So if you reduce, say, the “holiday” category by £20, the monthly budget automatically reduces by £20 too.