Adding Receipts - Integration with ScanSnap & Others

(Dean C) #1

Whenever I can I try to photo the receipt in store to add it to the transaction in the app. I then have to later do it again to import it into Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Cloud App which can run optical character recognition on the receipt (both sides at once) to add it to my document management system. Fujitsu’s system is one of the best on the market and has lots of useful integrations. Please could you look at the possibility of taking the user to the ScanSnap App when needed directly from the Monzo App to scan and import the receipt into Monzo & the ScanSnap system. I’m certain if you look into it you clever people can find all sorts of other awesome things this could do, like auto categorise your receipts not just by total but even by line??? It can read addresses and phone numbers, having those as click to dial directly from the app after a receipt scan would be very useful.

As a slight tangent, the phones camera could also be used to scan the barcodes of the products purchased to obtain the UPN’s. These could be used to produce a list for contacting manufacturers for guarantees, collating a list of owned products for insurance valuations, and price comparisons. Moderator- Feel free to split this post