✅ Add support for the new Android 12 Material You themed icons

I’ve got the Ukraine

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How odd! Are you on TestFlight or something? Also, I hate that the weird border is here to stay, someone in the iOS team needs glasses!

Yes, the new icons are from TestFlight.

The borders are really odd, especially given they don’t actually exist.

Indeed it is, and indeed they’re phantom borders! Very odd. But got to say, Monzo wins the battle of the Pride icons hands down


Ah didn’t realise they redesigned the icons… I did wonder why my investor was slightly different and it was driving me crazy

I’m not sure why we are getting tagged here :sweat_smile: The iOS health team doesn’t get involved in design, we simply look at the matrix all day :man_technologist:


I imagine this is going to keep happening anytime the tiniest thing is amiss with the iOS app! :sweat_smile:

Because they made the mistake of being visible on here!

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My iOS doesn’t have the :ukraine: one, sadly, as it would be mine.

Slava Ukraini!

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Just to clarify, these new app icons are due for general release in 5.23.0. Some users are seeing them early as they are on the Testflight beta release. If you can’t see them yet then you should start to see them next week.


If you want the Ukraine icon…


It’s a bit like when an online store has a phone number for sales but after sales support is an email – I’ll usually end up pestering salespeople until they put me through to the right people. Ain’t nobody got time for 10 working days for an email!

Solution: make everyone equally easy to reach. Or nobody.


Can you fix the Android 13 dynamic themed icon for the normal Monzo icon? Dynamic theming seems to be working on all the other icons I have access to. It’s just the stock default icon where it no longer works.

They’re on the iOS health team, so android probably won’t be in their purview.

I’d suggest adding your vote and voice to the bug report here:


All virtue signalling nonsense anyway, isn’t it?

Well, yes, but I like me some colour so the new Monzo icon for me is :pinched_fingers:

Thanks for tagging me! I’ve asked the team who made the change if this is an oversight or intentional.

I’ll come back when I’ve had a response :pray:


I’m back! The team are aware and it’ll be fixed in an upcoming release :white_check_mark:


Awesome. Thanks for the update.

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