Add Squirrel Functionality

(Gareth) #21

Yep, that’s it. At the moment (for me) it’s holidays (Birthdays), Christmas, annual subscriptions (AA, Office 365), car tax, service & maintenance, and other loose bits (e.g. garden). It would be nice to add car insurance, but I manage to get a good enough monthly deal so far.

Also, for example: Line Rental from BT is reduced if paid up front, but will always increase every year. So you need to account for the increase ahead of time.

Basically anything that happens yearly or roughly so.


I got fed up of paying the thick end of twenty quid a month for a couple of copper wires I didn’t use for telephony.

Now gone with broadband only from Virgin (No HyperOptic here) and transferred my landline number to a VoIP service.

(Nadyusha) #23

No, Pots are not working for me, as I can easily transfer money back and use them to buy something I don’t really need. it is my problem ))) Squirel helps me to prevent it.
I am ok with paying and tracking upcoming bills, so I am not using this functionality. But I am really bad with money I leave “free” for a month - I just spend them all in first week. So, now I transfer this amount to squirrel account and receive them back weekly. It helped me to save a lot in last months, so works for me and I am happy to pay their fee.

It would be cool to have this functionality as an extra on Monzo.