Add Pets to categories

It would be really useful to add a “pets” category so that payments (e.g. vet cost, dog food etc) related to looking after animals can be better filtered.

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If you want to add your own categories you’ll need to sign up for Monzo Plus/Premium.


That’s extortion asking for the customer to upgrade to a fee paying account instead of a software development update which would prove to be very helpful to numerous other customers myself included.

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Well they wouldn’t get far charging for something that was not helpful to numerous customers


‘extortion’ is a helluva term there.


Far from it, it’s not necessary to keep the account running. If the user wants to pay up for extra features that aren’t critical, then that’s on them.


I guess the breaking news here is that software development still costs money and software engineers like being paid just as much as the rest of us. :man_shrugging:

Who knew?


It’s a feature which should be free to use… charging for additional features which improves the quality of service and likely to attract new customers is a long term gain which would negate the initial costs incurred by the software upgrade.

Well guess what, you’re not in sight of any of the data Monzo has which clearly tells them they can charge for it as an extra service without impacting negativity on customer numbers.

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Hardly extortion. You can choose to pay for the extra service or not. You can choose to bank with a company that gives you what you want for free.

I get that you don’t want to pay for product development, and that’s fine. No one is forcing you to pay. If they were, it would be extortion.


Wouldn’t that apply to everything they build?

A line has to be drawn somewhere because they can’t make everything free.


This is correct. I want my Monzo Plus subscription to make the account worse, not better.


Oh yeah… I’ve read the fine print before I’d moved to Monzo.
Nevertheless, you’re clearly missing the point of my point of view which involves a certain level of foresight in terms of customer satisfaction which in terms of being a financial services provider Monzo is likely to inherently benefit by engaging in service provision rather than solely bolstering the profit margins albeit for short term gain.

What makes you think it’s short term?

If it was £5/£15 once and then never again then you’d be right, but an on-going subscription is the opposite of short term.

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Sorry but the only person missing the point is yourself. Monzo hold all the data they require, they’ve made the judgment call that it won’t affect them negativity, in any major way. Job done.

Edit - it’s certainly not caused them problems either as subscriber numbers have grown since Plus

I thought pet owners thought of their pets as Family, which already has a category :man_shrugging:


Or use a tag #bruce

You can just say you’re wrong. It’s far easier.

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Pets would be an extremely useful free catagory to many people, which is probably why it isn’t one of the standard ones.

Whilst I think many Monzo Plus features should really be free (including custom catagories), I understand that Monzo does need to make money somewhere. If you aren’t happy, leave.