Add Payees Easily

Awesome progress, love it. Makes it so much easier to manage now.

This was raised on devslack, the Monzo guys are going to look in to it

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Paying sole from joint and vice versa. Then you can add a reference. If you use move money you do not have the option of a reference.

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Great. Thanks for sharing

I thought I tried this early on with the joint account and it didn’t work, so good to know this is possible! Thanks for the tip, that is a huge problem for me when transferring between personal and joint, so will be a big help. :+1:


Saw this today for the first time. I’d like to see the option to set a custom photo for contacts though.

EDIT: Setting a custom name would be great, too!

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I feel like you shouldn’t call payee’s contacts in the app (if you press edit on a payee a delete contact button appears). The payee list is searchable along side my actual contact list so deleting contacts in Monzo is in no way related to your actual contact list. It’s just confusing.

Please just copy Starlings design for the payee management it works so well and is very clear.


Might be me being very anal here but id love to be able to use my monzo id card ( similar way to how other contacts is shown) as a base and then add my other accounts under that.

That way ill be able to use my monzo profile pic for transfers to my other accounts :raised_hands:

Maybe in future iterations if possible please


Thanks Jami, would be great if you could just tap on a name to rename it, really annoying when they pay first and it comes through as ‘Secondname Firstname’ or even worse in all caps.

Editing the description for bank accounts would be great too, rather than having to re-add.

I have an account with Skipton, it requires a certain reference every time I transfer, would it be possible to add a default reference for each account eventually?

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That’s a stated limitation from the original release post so we can assume it’s coming along in future.

When you tap on the reference line, the drop down selection box normally contains all of the references you’ve previously used for that payee. I personally feel it’s easier to select the one you want from the list with one tap rather than have to delete a default and then do the same one tap to select an alternative.


Yeah, good point, that’s probably not needed then.

Also would be good to see Incoming payments come under the same payee as outgoing payments. As per image below, for some reason they aren’t in my case.image


I’ve found this. Very annoying.
Hopefully this will be addressed in the future :+1:

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Can I just say the new payee detail screens are pure :heart_eyes:

Brilliant stuff

You got me all excited there that theyd been launched on the fly! Slight disappointment when i realised you were on about the initial post lol

Also Unity Trust Bank has no logo - 60-83-01

This feature is brilliant whereby you can see all the accounts and which bank its with underneath any given name


Yeah I agree this 100% needs to be done to be able to make the incomings/outgoings details match up and tidy up everything :slight_smile:

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Any particular timeframe for adding profile pictures and changing names of payees? As this is the only thing that’s making my banking feed a little ugly at the moment.


I noticed that in the “recents” list under Payments, you can add extra accounts to a person. This is a super useful feature, and enables me to send money straight to the correct account if someone has several. The only problem is you can’t edit the person’s name or the account label once it’s added.

I’d love to see more made of this feature - like a contacts list but instead of phone numbers, (meaningfully named) bank accounts under each person.

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