Add Icon when a payment was split

Hi, this is my first post on the Monzo Community so hello!

My feedback / idea:

Could we add some type of icon to a transaction item to show that this transaction was split with another person? (Similar to the flex icon that pops up sometimes).


I use the monzo app when doing my budget. I scroll through the feed and then add budget each transaction to a budgeting template on google docs I am using.

I often need to go into a transaction to see if I split it with someone (usually my wife as we split certain transactions 50/50).

It would just be much easier for me to see at a glance if I split a transaction from the feed without having to go into it and see if it was split.

Stretch Goal
Maybe if we want to improve this even further, find a way to show the amount you paid as your portion of the split, but I understand this might not be possible as screen space is limited.

Let me know what you think!


Could you not just set the note against each item, perhaps use a specific emoji if you already have a note against it? Obviously this may not work for direct debits/standing orders, as Iā€™m not sure you can add notes to them.

This does put the onus on you, of course.


Yeah that is also a good point, I did not know you can add an emoji as a note so maybe that could help me track split transactions, but as you have said its a very manual process, but something I could start doing now. Thanks!


In addition to the Notes solution/workaround, you can type a quick tag into the notes field - like #split

Then when you search for #split - all the transactions are displayed. You can then remove the tag as you get paid back for each transaction.

Thanks for the feedback. That sure is useful, but I dont really search all that much, I basically scroll through the feed in chronological order and note down the transactions and a simple icon might make it easier to identify transactions that were split. But for now I can go through and add a note, hut still a manual process. But I guess not everyone would find a split icon that useful.

But thank you for your feedback I might try and use the search more often :smiley: