Add Chase U.K. and Virgin Money Credit Cards

Hey Ash :wave: Timelines are tough to give, we’re pretty close to a labs launch once we fix the issue described above. Roughly I’d guess between mid June / July. Although it depends a lot on the teams other priorities & how much time I can dedicate to this :+1: All to say it maybe later, but hopfully not :crossed_fingers:


I really appreciate your honesty. I think I speak for most people on here when I say we’d appreciate a quick update every now and then if things don’t go as expected.

(Btw 1 year transaction history sounds great!)

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Thanks for the update @_lewis, appreciate you letting us know the situation

Thanks for the latest update @_lewis

Is there a good place to discuss other integrations that don’t currently exist?

Any idea if there are plans to add Chase savings accounts / allow more than one Chase account in future? :eyes:

Chase allows me to do this in the Monzo app? iOS here.

Chase API seems broken, I get the same response when I try with revolut and Lloyds too.

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Thanks, I just tried again and I can add more than one account now! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Doesn’t connect for me for some reason.

Reinstalling the app seems to have fixed it.

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This is getting frustrating. I don’t know which issues you’re facing but Emma has clearly solved them years ago.

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Emma’s business is data.

Monzo is a bank and has far more to it than connecting a third party account.

I think it’s more that it’s Emma’s whole business (like you said) but for Monzo it’s a low priority and the team (I’m not convinced it’s not just Liam by himself :sweat_smile:) keep going off and doing other things. Not much has happened with connected accounts for quite a while and several connections have been locked behind labs for an age.

Any updates @_lewis this is quite in demand, it’s my only cards left to add to Monzo


Bump on any updates @_lewis?


This really is so frustrating, the only reason I pay for the premium product and I can’t track all my spend that’s isn’t Amex.

It’d be great to get an update on the timeline


Just want to add another voice to the chorus. It’s coming up to a year that we’ve been waiting for this - to be fair the majority of that was waiting for a fix on Virgin’s side, but it sounds like the ball is firmly in Monzo’s court now. It would be good if Monzo could factor the length of time we’ve been waiting into their prioritisation of this!


Adding another vote for this here - the only one of my credit cards I can’t see in Monzo. Dilutes the benefit of the premium product (seeing other accounts is really the only reason I pay).

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Another vote from me too - it’s also the only one of my credit cards I can’t see in Monzo.

I’m also quite disappointed at the lack of recent updates. It feels a little like Monzo is stalling rolling this out. If that’s the case, I’d like to think there’s a genuine reason why. But some (regular) communication would be helpful.


Yep, last of my cards which I can’t add to Monzo… Be good to have an update @_lewis

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