Add Chase U.K. and Virgin Money Credit Cards

Hi @_lewis just adding another thumbs up for an update, just got a Virgin CC and was disappointed to see it isn’t on the list currently, but reading the thread I’m hopeful it’s coming soon!

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Hi Lewis! When this comes, will it include full history, or just recent and future transactions?

I’ve only just signed up to a Virgin Atlantic Credit Card, and the app is f****** awful. It’s slow, buggy, transactions sometimes fail to load, so the Monzo integration can’t come soon enough!


I’d guess that if transactions fail to load in the Virgin app, they’d be unlikely to load in the Monzo app.

Yeah although other parts of the app are failing as well so I guess it depends at what point the failure is occurring, to me it looks like an app issue as other pages fail to load as well.

Agree on all of this… the app is awful. The whole system is quite poor though… this month my DD only went out for minimum repayment… it had been setup for full balance repayment for the last few months so this was a system error (which they didn’t spot or attempt to rectify). Had to make a bank transfer. If I hadn’t noticed then they’d have started charging me interest. Also the app doesn’t tell you what repayments you’ve made when you go to make new ones.

Vanquis please :+1:t3:

Virgin credit cards seem to be nearly the only credit card you can’t add to connected accounts! Is this being updated soon ?

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Hope this gets fully fixed soon!

Any update here? As soon as this available, I’m all in on a Premium Account.