Add ability to set up sorting ahead of time.

Because this income came in more than 72 hours ago, I can’t set up sorting. It’s fine that money needs to be sorted within 72 hours, but I should be able to set it up in advance of next month:

Have a search, this is covered a lot.

Standing orders/ recurring payments solve this problem, provided you know what date the money is due in.

If that were the case, this feature wouldn’t be offered at all?

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There’s no guarantee that your sorting SOs/Transfers would happen after the payment comes in. They could be attempted before the payment comes in and the whole thing falls apart. You would have to set everything up for the day after your payment comes in to make sure it all works, and at that point you might as well do a manual Sort Payment.

Your solution isn’t the solution.

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Isn’t Monzo designed to work in that manner though.

Payments inbound 2am.

Debits out 3am.

Everything else after that?

So unless you’re not paid by bacs then you’d have nothing to worry about.

Rules-based triggers would be a useful enhancement

  • When a received from b
  • Send c to d

Yeah, and if you are you’re kind of screwed.

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Well, I’m not … so, what’s your solution?

My response was on the basis of being paid by bacs.

Difficult to predict otherwise if paid manually as too many variable.

If income x - split to xyz

But what if x is less than expected and can’t split to xyz as pre described.

You could add in variables or percentages, but then your goal for xyz pots isn’t to the value you need and could then cause disruption down the line so handling these manually probably is the best way to go.

Could be said the same for the bacs salary sorter I guess after thinking out loud.