Add a warning message about sharing account details

When you click on your current account to view your account details (sort code and account number) include a small notice about making sure you know the person you’re sending these details to. As with those details with your name would allow someone to setup a direct debit in your name.

But if that’s the case, you’re covered by the direct debit guarantee, you’ll get a notification that it’s been set up, and can cancel it.

I’m kinda against this, because a notice wouldn’t stop people from doing it. All the alerts in the app about being careful who you’re sending money to don’t seem to stop people. This will just be a pain for those legitimate use cases.


As the previous person said, you would know before the first DD came out.

DDs can only be setup by companies and organisations who are members of the scheme. So I can’t see why one of those would go rogue and setup one up just to spite you.

So I’m not sure a warning is needed

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