Add a line chart to app for 12 month moving average of monthly spend

Hey Monzo Team,

it would be nice if you could add a line chart widget that we can add to the home page which could be configure to show a moving average of the previous 12 months monthly spend.

So we can easily see if we are spending more each month or if we are managing to spend less each month than the previous 12 month average.

So each plot on the chart would draw a point by doing SUM(of past 12 months spend)/12

Something a bit like a stock trading chart, that would be a great feature as a start but I can see that it could be updated going forward to allow people to add charts for any type of the transactions like travel or food ect…

also to have the ability to configure it to show a moving average for a user define period so not just be limit to 12 months but and number of months that the user wishes to see on the chart.

Thank you, love you app, it’s great.

Keep up the great work

Second this I would find this useful. Currently maintain it using a spreadshet.

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